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The Midtown Advantage
Your Price: $3.50
"Follow the grim and dark turn in Walter White's life with the Breaking Bad Trading Cards. Chemistry teacher Walter White turns to a life of crime after being diagnosed with cancer with the goal of securing his family's financial future. Cryptozoic's Breaking Bad Trading Cards will pay tribute to th [more]
Your Price: $3.25
"Topps satirizes consumer culture with the Topps Chrome Wacky Packages! There are 110 Chrome cards to collect - 44 from the original 1967 series, 33 from 1973's Series 2, 30 from 1973's Series 3, and 3 checklist cards. A variety of refractors provide chase delights for collectors; Standard Refractor [more]
Your Price: $2.99
"Based on the wildly popular series on Cartoon Network, watched by millions of viewers each week, these Adventure Time cards include engaging games, puzzles, and color images to provide top value! The complete set includes 18 base cards, 9 sticker cards, 9 Glitter Princess cards, 3 standee cards, 3 [more]
Your Price: $2.99
"The Garbage Pail Kids are a uniquely hilarious group of kids who are as endearing as they are gross. With original hand-painted art, an endless universe of new characters, and a heavy dose of wit, the GPK have been delivering laughs since 1985! GPK 2014 celebrates the Olyp-Picks! The official XXII [more]
Your Price: $1.99
"It's been an incredible season thus far, with both rising stars and seasoned veterans turning in unprecedented performances. Come celebrate the greatness with 2014 Topps Baseball Update Series and the all-new Power Players insert, applauding the top 25 players of the year thus far. Look for [more]
Your Price: $3.50
"Breygent follows their fan-favorite Dawn Trading Cards with the Witchblade Collector Cards, based on the character from the Top Cow series! The colorful 72-card base set features artwork and text about the world of Sara Pezzini and the living weapon she carries. There will be three 9-card ch [more]
Your Price: $3.50
"Bilbo Baggins embarked on an epic journey in the company of Gandalf the Grey and the Dwarven companions of Thorin Oakenshield in Peter Jackson's The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, the first film in the long-awaited trilogy from The Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson. Based on the film, The Ho [more]
Your Price: $2.99
"Each collectible Micro-Comic Fun Pack features a new fluorescent ink treated cover illustrated specially for this format by artist Jon Sommariva and a full stand-alone story printed on heavy matte stock. These stories were originally presented as issues #2-5 of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles New A [more]
Your Price: $3.50
"Some of your favorite aliens from the Star Trek universe are featured in Rittenhouse Archives' new Star Trek Aliens Trading Cards! The 100-card set features aliens from all 5 classic television series and the original 10 Star Trek films. Plus, there's a 100-card Gold parallel base set [more]
Your Price: $3.50
"Garbage Pail Kids Chrome combines cool throwbacks and modern technology to bring the characters to life! The Garbage Pail Kids Chrome Original Series 2 has 214 chrome cards to collect, including 84 Original Series 2 characters, 26 returning character, 84 Chrome Concept Sketches by original artists, [more]
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