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The Midtown Advantage
Regular Price: $11.99
Your Price: $8.39
You save $3.60 (30%)
Funko continues its new take on classic characters with the POP! DC Universe line of vinyl figures! This 3 3/4' tall figure of Superman is ripped straight from the pages of Superman Red Son by Mark Millar and Dave Johnson. This Superman didn’t grow up in Smallville—his rocket ship landed in Russia, [more]
Regular Price: $10.99
Your Price: $6.59
You save $4.40 (40%)
From Funko. A PREVIEWS Exclusive! Inspired by the urban and stylized character designs of today's designer toys, Funko presents a new take on classic comic book characters from the pages of DC Comics with their POP! Heroes Vinyl Figures! This 3 3/4" tall figure of Superman depicts the fan-favorite c [more]
Regular Price: $6.99
Your Price: $4.19
You save $2.80 (40%)
Based on AMC's top rated series The Walking Dead, the Walking Dead Mysterio Minis take some of your favorite characters, both alive and undead, and transform them into cute mini-figures! Characters available include Teddy Bear Walker, Bicycle Girl, Merle, Daryl, Tank Walker, Prisoner Walker, Deer Wa [more]
Regular Price: $38.00
Your Price: $26.60
You save $11.40 (30%)
The first Marvel Chess Collection special features the gamma powerhouses that are the Hulk and She-Hulk. Replacement rooks for your chess set, these highly detailed, hand-painted figurines come with a magazine detailing the exploits of Bruce Banner and his cousin Jennifer Walters. [more]
Regular Price: $16.99
Your Price: $10.19
You save $6.80 (40%)
"From this hit series Age of Apocalypse comes this second exclusive Marvel Minimates set from Diamond Comics! This four-pack includes Apocalypse, Wolverine, Jean Grey, and Dark Beast." [more]
Regular Price: $24.95
Your Price: $17.47
You save $7.48 (30%)
From the designs seen in DC Comics Red Hood and the Outlaws, come the next wave of action figures from DC Collectibles. Renegade ex-Robin Jason Todd, exiled Tamaranian princess Starfire and disavowed Green Arrow protege Roy Harper all unite to take on whatever this or any other planet has to [more]
Regular Price: $16.00
Your Price: $11.20
You save $4.80 (30%)
The Marvel Chess Collection is a new bi-weekly series offering the comic fan and chess lover alike the chance to collect a unique chess set, featuring some of the greatest and most loved Marvel characters. The first set in the Marvel Chess Collection consists of the greatest heroes and villains from [more]
Regular Price: $16.00
Your Price: $11.20
You save $4.80 (30%)
The DC Chess Collection continues with the Justice League chess set which offers the comic fan and chess enthusiast alike the chance to collect fantastic and unique chess pieces, vivid representations of some of DC's greatest characters. Each character is superbly rendered, cast from a specially for [more]
Regular Price: $44.95
Your Price: $31.47
You save $13.48 (30%)
The Worlds' Finest team of Earth 2 burst from the pages of their comic book series and onto your display case with these articulated action figures based on the designs from their monthly series. Powergirl - 6.75" Huntress - 6.75" [more]
Regular Price: $6.99
Your Price: $4.19
You save $2.80 (40%)
CBS' The Big Bang Theory is one of the top-rated sitcoms on television today, and audiences love the show's characters, especially the breakout character, Sheldon. Funko's The Big Bang Theory Mystery Minis are 2 1/2" tall vinyl figures that feature a cute, friendly, and super-deformed style that wil [more]
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