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Manufacturer/Publisher: DC/Vertigo   (Release Date: 5/5/2004)
Writer: Grant Morrison  •  Artist: Chris Weston
Regular Price: $19.95   Your Price: $11.97   YOU SAVE: $7.98


THE FILTH tells the story of Greg Feely, a meek, lonely man caring for his sick cat, Tony. But Greg Feely is really a parapersonality, created as a recuperative vessel for Ned Slade, a top-level operative in The Hand — an extra-dimensional clean-up squad charged with maintaining society’s even keel, the Status: Q. Operating from their microscopic base in The Crack, The Hand’s divisions clean up disruptive “anti-persons” that threaten social hygiene, and Slade is needed back on the job to hunt down the most dangerous anti-person yet: the rogue Hand agent Spartacus Hughes. Not even a person anymore, Hughes has become a set of ideas jumping from carrier to carrier, spreading chaos and destabilization. Slade oscillates between his “true” personality and that of Feely as he hunts Hughes down and clears up the shattered, impossible wreckage of reality that results — but in the end, which one is really him? And why has The Hand been created? What does it have to do with a foul-mouthed, communist assassin-chimp, bad-tempered nazi dolphins, a paralyzed comic-book hero made flesh and the origins of intelligent life on earth? The answers to all these questions and more can only be found here.

 •  ISBN: 9781401200138

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