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Manufacturer/Publisher: BOOM! Studios   (Release Date: 5/16/2012)
Writer: Ryan North  •  Artist: Shelli Paroline
Available in multiple covers
Price List Price Discount
Incentive Bettie Ward Variant Cover $24.64
Incentive Bettie Ward Virgin Variant Cover $21.25
Incentive Scott C Variant Cover $16.14
Incentive Scott C Virgin Variant Cover $15.30
New Ptg Connecting Regular Cover $3.39
Regular Cover A $5.53
Regular Cover B $5.53


Oh My Glob! The Latest Super-Cool Issue of the Hit Series! Finn, Jake, Marceline, Princess Bubblegum and even Lumpy Space Princess have banded together to stop that jerk the Lich from throwing all of Ooo into the sun! It's gonna take a lot more than a sweet punch to knock this guy out - luckily, Finn and Jake are on it! The Cartoon Network cartoon's brand-new comic book series is a huge hit! Don't miss this arc-ending issue!

Item #: 1194882  • Diamond code: MAR120884  •  UPC: 84428400279000411
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