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Manufacturer/Publisher: DC   (Release Date: 11/21/2012)
Writer: Geoff Johns  •  Artist: Tony S. Daniel, Various
Available in multiple covers
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Combo Pack With Polybag $4.24
Combo Pack Without Polybag $4.24
Incentive Tony S Daniel Sketch Cover $42.50
Regular Tony S Daniel Cover $3.39
Variant Jason Fabok Cover $3.39


The second chapter of a tale that lights the fuse that will ultimately explode in 2013's TRINITY WAR. • The League must fight the mysterious Cheetah… AND a monstrous Superman! The result will radically change the dynamics of the entire team! • Amid all this, where is Green Lantern? • Plus: The next chapter of the SHAZAM backup epic by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank!

Item #: 1226920  • Diamond code: SEP120137  •  UPC: 76194130593601411
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