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Manufacturer/Publisher: Aspen Entertainment   (Release Date: 10/30/2013)
Writer: David Wohl  •  Artist: Alex Konat
Available in multiple covers
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Cover A Regular Direct Market Cover $3.39
Cover B Regular Aspen Reserved Cover $3.39
Cover D Incentive E-Bas Sketch Cover $12.75


A new direction in the FATHOM Universe begins! Aspen Matthews attempts to return to a normal life with her fellow humans after turning down the Blue's pleas for help. However, the ice queen Vana and her deadly minions step up their machinations with a devastating attack on the surface world. Yet, the biggest surprise may be the return of one of Fathom's most instrumental characters--and someone that shares a painful past with Aspen! Writer David Wohl, artist Alex Konat and colorist Beth Sotelo team up once again to bring you the latest adventures of Michael Turner's most beloved creation!

Item #: 1281267  • Diamond code: JUL130830  •  UPC: 75318272737003021
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