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Manufacturer/Publisher: Marvel   (Release Date: 12/5/2012)
Writer: Kieron Gillen  •  Artist: Greg Land
Available in multiple covers
Price List Price Discount
1st Ptg Regular Greg Land Cover $3.39
2nd Ptg Greg Land Variant Cover $3.39
Incentive Carlo Pagulayan Design Variant Cover $8.50
Incentive Greg Land Variant Cover $21.25


The new Iron Man stealth armor debuts! The most subtle Iron Man armor of all time! Deep in Columbia the daughter of a cartel boss is 'modified' by EXTREMIS. Will villains VIBRO, FIREBRAND and THE LIVING LASER stop Tony from doing what he must to save the world from the deadly nano-virus? An all-new era for Tony Stark from the best-selling UNCANNY X-MEN team of Kieron Gillen and Greg Land!

Item #: 1232126  • Diamond code: OCT120603  •  UPC: 75960607909400311
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