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Manufacturer/Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment   (Release Date: 8/8/2012)
Writer: Eric Trautmann  •  Artist: Jose Malaga
Available in multiple covers
Price List Price Discount
DF Exclusive Blood Red Risque Cover $12.74
Incentive Ale Garza Risque Cover $29.75
Incentive Paul Renaud Blood Red Cover $10.20
Regular Ale Garza Cover $3.39
Regular Fabiano Neves Cover $3.39
Regular Lucio Parrillo Cover $3.39
Regular Paul Renaud Cover $3.39


It's a bloody showdown between Dracula, and the Vatican's paramilitary wing, Cestus Dei. Vlad has new tricks up his sleeves, alliances with old gods that make Order and Chaos tremble, and his plans of unholy conquest are on the verge of success. Of course, Vampirella might have something to say about that.

Item #: 1225113  • Diamond code: APR121008  •  UPC: 72513018406102011
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