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Available in multiple covers
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Incentive Alex Ross Virgin Cover $17.00
Incentive John Cassaday Black & White & Green Cover $8.50
Regular Alex Ross Cover $3.39
Regular Joe Benitez Cover $3.39
Regular John Cassaday Cover $3.39


The New Green Hornet and Kato renew their fathers' war on crime, but even as they clean up the streets of Century City, the Black Hornet musters his forces for a final confrontation with the gang-busting duo. Britt Reid assumes his father's role as publisher of The Sentinel and quickly uncovers a plot to unleash a hellish new war machine that will imperil not only his city, but the world. Fighting a war on two fronts, the young Green Hornet reaches his breaking point.

Item #: 1098649  • Diamond code: JUL100919  •  UPC: 725130151933
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