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Available in multiple covers
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Incentive Fan Yang Virgin Variant Cover $9.00
Incentive Khary Randolph Virgin Variant Cover $5.25
Incentive Stephane Roux Variant Cover CGC 9.8 $26.25
Regular Cover A Felipe Smith $2.99
Regular Cover B Ibraim Roberson $2.99


Val and Cass, the Kung Fu bounty hunters, search for a businessman who ripped off his celebrity clients for millions, but they better hustle before their new reality star competition finds him first! The young guns: writer Ian Brill (DARKWING DUCK) and artist Joshua Covey (THE AVENGEFULS) bring you another hot tale, exposing a side of Hollywood even the paparazzi can't show you! Ask your retailer about the ultra rare variant covers, including the super limited Stephane Roux 9.8 CGC exclusive!

Item #: 1248292  • Diamond code: SEP120885  •  UPC: 84428400312400211
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