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Storyline: The Creature That Charmed Children!... [more]
"Omega Men appearance. Storyline: Battle Beneath the Earth!; Aquaman: I Talk To The Seas, But They Don’t Listen To Me!"... [more]
Versus Neutron; Versus Neutron and Vandal Savage. Storyline: Within These Hands .. Power!... [more]
"JLA, Titans appearance. Storyline: Showdown!"... [more]
Versus Parasite; Continues in Supergirl #20; Supergirl appearance; Anniversary of Supergirl’s debut in Action Comics. Storyline: Reunion!... [more]
"Versus Vandal Savage; Neutron; Meanwhile: new projects, early Who’s Who and Crisis. Storyline: Endings"... [more]
Storyline: The Once-And-Future Peri (l); A Superman of a Different Color!... [more]
Teen Titans; Post-Crisis Superman begins; Titans appearance. Storyline: Squatter!... [more]
Phantom Stranger appearance. Storyline: And Graves Give Up Their Dead…... [more]
New Gods; Legends Chapter 19; Orion appearance. Storyline: The Champion!... [more]
Demon appearance. Storyline: Cityscape!... [more]
"Hawkman; Shadow War; Continued from Hawkman #10, continues in Hawkman #11 and Action #589. Storyline: All Wars Must End, Part 2"... [more]
Green Lantern Corps. Storyline: Green on Green... [more]
Metal Men; New Chemo. Storyline: Better Dying Through Chemistry... [more]
"Booster Gold, Batman and Robin; Continues in Booster Gold #23; Batman appearance. Storyline: All That Glisters"... [more]
J’onn J’onzz; Batman appearance. Storyline: The Ghost of Superman... [more]
Millennium Week 4; Spectre appearance. Storyline: Hell Is Where the Heart Is…... [more]
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