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"Fright-master Steve Niles continues the all-new, critically acclaimed 30 DAYS OF NIGHT ongoing series! Something wicked is coming Alice Blood's way, and all the agents of Project Red will be unable to stem the bloody tide. It's all been leading up to this!"... [more]
"The terrible secrets of Saint Sébastien come to light as Abe pushes deeper into the mystery of the island and a legacy of evil that spans the life of humanity itself. Written by Hellboy creator Mike Mignola and featuring the haunting art of Jason Shawn Alexander (Damn Nation, The Secret, The Escapi... [more]
Never miss an issue of Abe Sapien The Drowning
"Abe comes face to face with the power that has protected Saint Sébastien for centuries in this breathtaking conclusion to his first solo miniseries. Written by Hellboy creator Mike Mignola, and featuring the haunting art of Jason Shawn Alexander (Damn Nation, The Secret, The Escapists), The Drownin... [more]
Never miss an issue of Abe Sapien The Drowning
"Superman, Catwoman, Black Canary, Green Lantern, Deadman, Secret Six. Storyline: Green Lantern: Mind Over Matter; The Secret Six!: Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Fire; Deadman: Take Us to Our Leader; Where Lurks the Evil?; Catwoman: The Tin Roof Club, Part 2; Black Canary: Bitter Fruit, Part 4"... [more]
[s]1995-37; Joker appearance. Storyline: Crossing the [Punch] Line!... [more]
[s]1995-42; Versus Parasite. Storyline: Doc Parasite!... [more]
[s]1995-46; Trial of Superman. Storyline: Fugitive Justice!... [more]
[s]1996-1; Trial of Superman. Storyline: H’tros City!... [more]
[s]1996-5; 1st Appearance of Demolitia. Storyline: By Darker Reason... [more]
[s]1996-9; Batman appearance. Storyline: Hazard’s Choice... [more]
[s]1996-14; Lois Lane breaks off engagement to Clark Kent. Storyline: Love Breaks... [more]
-... [more]
[s]1996-18; Mr. Mxyzptlk appearance. Storyline: The Fortune Plague... [more]
[s]1996-22. Storyline: Courageous Intent... [more]
[s]1996-27. Storyline: Identity Crisis II: Keys... [more]
[s]1996-31; Origin of Brawl. Storyline: Losing Brawl!... [more]
"[s]1996-35; Versus Tolos; The Bottle City, Part 1. Storyline: Variations on a Scheme"... [more]
[s]1996-40; Versus Barrage. Storyline: Arms!... [more]
[s]1996-44; Final Night. Storyline: Cold Comfort!... [more]
[s]1996-49; Hawaiian Honeymoon. Storyline: I Killed Superman... [more]
[s]1997-3; Power Struggle; Mr. Miracle appearance; Big Barda appearance. Storyline: Generator X!... [more]
"[s]1997-8; Versus Superman Revenge Squad (Anomaly, Maxima, Misa, Barrage and Riot); Superman Revenge Squad. Storyline: The President of the United Hates"... [more]
[s]1997-12; Versus Cauldron. Storyline: …Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble!... [more]
[s]1997-21; New uniform; Ray appearance. Storyline: The Sins of Change... [more]
[s]1997-25; Scorn vs. Rock. Storyline: Bottle Battle... [more]
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