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Never miss an issue of 10th Muse Vol 3
... [more]
Land of Fear!... [more]
"The best of the Galaxy's Greatest Comic, complete and uncut! This issue, Matt Tallon's vicious quest for vengeance continues in ""The Mean Arena,"" by Tom Tully, Steve Dillon, Eric Bradbury, and more!"... [more]
"After his chilling encounter with a mad scientist, super-guitarist Will Garland now has a bizarre button in his chest that grants him temporary bursts of genius-level creativity. But it's not all groupies and sold-out shows - every time he uses the button, he attracts unwanted attention. This issue... [more]
The next, new reader-friendly chapter in the 27 saga begins HERE. Almost a year after the events of 27: FIRST SET, Will Garland, down-on-his-luck rock star, is desperate to recapture his lost fame. How far will he go, and will he encounter more cosmic craziness and intense action on the way? Answers... [more]
Never miss an issue of 27 Second Set
"In their wake lies destruction. Their fierceness knows no end. They are unstoppable. The Infected? No. A Black Ops faction that has their sights set on three travelers. The mindless masses of The Infected are one thing, but how does Selena survive an enemy as patient and cunning as her?"... [more]
"When you're on the run at the end of the world you've got more than your pursuers on your mind. Hunger burns inside you, the kind that drives a person mad. Selena, Clint, and Derrick are on the lookout for supplies while The Infected and military track them down!"... [more]
Brand New Arc! The storyline that reveals Selena's secret starts here! As Selena and Clint reach London, they will learn the real reason why Selena decided to come back to Great Britain. And the American occupation is the only thing preventing her from accomplishing her secret goal. If you loved the... [more]
... [more]
... [more]
... [more]
... [more]
... [more]
... [more]
-... [more]
"In this final chapter of The 3 Geeks: Slab Madness, Keith and Jim (and their nemesis, Sky Branovan) make their final stand against the Cee-Gee-Cee cultists to free Allen from his dome of slabs ó and hopefully free his very soul! Laugh along as they discover the true secrets the Cee-Gee-Cee!"... [more]
... [more]
"In the nightmarish darkness called the Arctic Feeding Ground, a glimmer of hope is wiped away with a bloody gnash. Our explorerís naÔve vacation has turned into a fight for survival, and the mostly unlikely savior will walk from the tundra to lend aid."... [more]
Never miss an issue of 30 Days Of Night Beyond Barrow
"In the dark frozen night John Ikos and a handful of survivors confront an evil greater then anything they have ever faced. Be there for the thrilling, macabre conclusion of the last 30 Days of Night story as told by creator Steve Niles and legendary artist Bill Sienkiewicz. You'll never feel safe c... [more]
Never miss an issue of 30 Days Of Night Beyond Barrow
... [more]
... [more]
Never miss an issue of 30 Days Of Night Eben & Stella
"The chilling conclusion to 30 Days of Night: Red Snow howls like a biting wind from the Arctic Circle. Most are dead. Some are not, though they wish they were. In the end, who do you trust moreóa vampire or a Nazi?†"... [more]
Fright-master Steve Niles returns to the creation that launched his career for an all-new 30 DAYS OF NIGHT ongoing series, with warped genius Sam Kieth (creator of THE MAXX) joining in the bloodletting! Our curious heroine is granted her greatest wish, but will it also be her last? Features an all-n... [more]
Never miss an issue of 30 Days Of Night Vol 2
Fright-master Steve Niles continues his all-new 30 DAYS OF NIGHT ongoing series, with warped genius Sam Kieth (creator of The Maxx) joining in the bloodletting! Familiar faces emerge from Barrow as we learn more about our all-new cast of vampires!... [more]
Never miss an issue of 30 Days Of Night Vol 2
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