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"Spinning out of “Batman R.I.P.” and DC UNIVERSE: LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT, this special features the birth of a new era for the Outsiders and is a perfect entry point for past and present readers alike. FINAL CRISIS has changed the universe forever and though Batman may be gone, his legacy must endu... [more]
"The new era for the team begins with Catwoman, Metamorpho, Katana, Grace and Martian Manhunter called into investigate a potential time bomb at Jardine Enterprises – but will the new team’s first mission also be it’s last? "... [more]
High Tide continues across the United States as Critter and School Girl concentrate on how to defeat Tidepool with the help of some unforeseen friends.... [more]
High Tide continues across the United States as Critter and School Girl concentrate on how to defeat Tidepool with the help of some unforeseen friends.... [more]
As the manhunt begins, Jen finally comes face-to-face with the man who arranged her 'unscheduled release' from prison, and she's about to learn the true price of her freedom. Has she bitten off more than she can chew? ... Or has he?... [more]
"Dare we say it? The ULTIMATE modern Green Hornet! More Green Hornet action and excitement from Dynamite Entertainment! Catch one of this limited edition ""cool green"" cover of The Green Hornet Strikes! from Dynamic Forces! Extremely limited!"... [more]
"When you think of Green Hornet, when you think of the Golden Age, when you think of the beginning of comics' characters like Batman, The Shadow and the Green Hornet, you think of Matt Wagner. DF is bringing an exclusive Matt Wagner cover to you for year one."... [more]
For comic fans that sign up ahead of time with their comic shop to reserve this issue, you can receive an exclusive photo cover! This Super Special Subscription Variant is only available for Comic Shop subscribers and limited to INITIAL orders ONLY!... [more]
UNLEASHED Tie-In! The darkest corner of the Grimm Universe is revealed in this brand new UNLEASHED mini-series! When demonic spirits begin possessing innocent people with disturbing frequency, the mysterious Japanese warrior, Masumi, must find a way to banish the evil forces without harming the host... [more]
The prelude to the biggest Grimm Universe event is here! Roman, Helsing, Masumi, Elijah, and Sela are the greatest monster hunters the world has ever known. That is until they all find themselves trapped in another dimension...a place of horror known only as the Shadow Realm. A prison to the most... [more]
THE HUNTERS ARE UNLEASHED ON THE GRIMM UNIVERSE! UNLEASHED Tie-In! After years of searching, the Hunters have finally found themselves reunited once again in a world that is not their own - a world that holds captive the worst monsters ever imagined. But will their combined knowledge assist in findi... [more]
Werewolves are unleashed on the nexus and it is up to one man to prevent the Grimm Universe from being devoured by a hunger that never dies. Roman, a ruthless and uncaring hunter, is on the tail of a vicious werewolf when he finds himself embroiled in a conspiracy that goes way deeper than any hunt... [more]
"Max Damage's battle against a Plutonian-inspired street gang comes to its final conclusion as Max confronts the group's powerful leader and gets one step closer to facing his ultimate nemesis...the Plutonian! Experience the critically-acclaimed flipside of Mark Waid's Eisner Award-nominated series,... [more]
With Headcase out of commission, supervillains emerging from the woodwork in the wake of the Plutonian's absence, and pressure from the Paradigm to prove he's fit to be a true superhero, Max Damage is beginning to show cracks in his incorruptible exterior. And when a young supervillainess approaches... [more]
"One of MTV's 'Ten Best On-Going Comic Book Series of 2011!' With the Plutonian back on Earth, Max has faced countless trials that test his ability to remain inflexibly focused on the cause of justice. But Max's greatest test is yet to come, and no one in the Incorruptible universe will be the same.... [more]
Not a hoax! Not dream! Not an imaginary solicit! At last, DF presents their Exclusive Edition of Invaders #5! Now you can complete your Invaders series with this DF Exclusive, featuring the cover art of Alex Ross! ... [more]
Revealed at last — the secrets behind the Bette/Gilgamos/Plutonian triangle as we learn just what brought Gilgamos to the Paradigm team originally and why he may never trust any one of his former friends ever again!... [more]
"Brand New Arc! Great For New Readers! The Paradigm finds itself severely weakened by a cataclysmic superhero death, but the situation is even more dire than they realize, as an old enemy walks among them! Meanwhile, the Plutonian wrestles with his origins as he faces his parents. This is the perfec... [more]
Never miss an issue of Irredeemable
"The fallout from the revelation of The Plutonian's origin continues! As the Plutonian struggles with his past, the world is on the brink of nuclear apocalypse. Is there anything on Earth that can save the human race now? Or will that savior come from somewhere else? A gripping installment of Mark W... [more]
Never miss an issue of Irredeemable
"It's been over three hundred years since the death of Ezra, but the memory still haunts Kade. He has traveled the world searching for the demons that will bring closure to his past. On the hunt for the demons that plague our earth and his soul, has been his only objective and it has led him to the ... [more]
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There were seven, possessing the power of gods, and representing all that could be right with the world. But now... he is the Last. As humanity stands on the brink of annihilation, he is our only hope. And he hates us for what we've done. ... [more]
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