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Gary Hampton puts his newly acquired powers to the test. Wolf-Man finally takes to the streets – saving lives and doing good. How will the public react to him – and can he control the beast within? Don’t miss out on the first action-packed adventures of THE ASTOUNDING WOLF-MAN!... [more]
"As The Opening Shot Is Fired, The Avengers Storm The Beach Of Utopia, And The Phoenix Draws Ever Nearer To Earth! • But Which Side Will Wolverine Fight On? • And What Choice Will Hope Make That Will Change The Direction And Scope Of The Conflict Dramatically?"... [more]
Uncle Scrooge appearance. Storyline: Scientific Deduction; The Whistling Teakettle... [more]
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"Contains: ""Looking How You Feel"" ---A 12 page piece exploring the myriad of emotions we experience everyday ,and what it would be like to physically transform along with them.----""Obviously"" --A 1 page piece exploring a grown-up's need to seem like he knows everything by insisting that there is... [more]
"Contains: ""What Is This""---a 1 page story--a gag of sorts involving a strange object and ending with an apology by the author -----""The Flash In The Woods""---a 19 page story in which a man ,while walking through the woods ,catches a glimpse of something strange. Later that night the man decides... [more]
"Contains:  ""From Me"" A 1 page piece about creative desire involving a bird exploding from an egg.-----""The Physics Police""----a 4 page piece in which our beloved villain gets away with breaking the laws of Physics once again!-----Followed by three 1 page pieces involving: A socially awkward ten... [more]
"Contains: ""Catch Myself""---14 pages of vignettes exploring the inner world and outer world of the author after a break up.---""out of Anger"" a 1 page piece about building a strange palace out of anger in order to learn its secrets. ----And ""My Thumb Print""--- 9 pages of spontaneous narrations ... [more]
"Contains: ""With Your Hands"" ----A 3 page mood piece about reaching impossible places by touching them with your mind. ----""It's Easy""----A 14 page dark nursery rhyme exploring the helpless feelings when faced with war and violence.----- ""staying On the Planet"" ---a 6 page rumination on the st... [more]
"Contains: ""Thoughts"" ----A 12 page rhyming journey into the surreal, invisible world of our thoughts and all of their absurdities, complexities and horrors. ----""Shorts"" --- 6 pages exploring the age old art of gag cartooning ------and ""Answering Machine""-----A surreal 6 page story in which t... [more]
"“Hell Comes To Birmingham” As the team is rocked by confusion in their ranks, they're called into battle on their first official mission. All hell has broken loose in Birmingham and MI 13 agent Captain Midlands in the middle of it.  It's super heroes vs. the supernatural, full on.  What has Dr. Pl... [more]
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