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This final act in Wu-Tang Clan's Ghostface Killah origin story ties together all the threads of the complex crime epic, from the machinations of the 12 DeLucas killing their way through the gang war of their youthful days to the mysterious deaths of each DeLuca in the years that follow. As secrets a... [more]
Blazing SF action from the Eisner-nominated UK anthology! The line-up of stories that kicked off 2017 - Kingmaker, The Order, Hope, and Kingdom - all wrap up in Prog 2022, plus there's a couple of short Judge Dredd stories. Then in Prog 2023 a brand-new line-up commences:... [more]
Never miss an issue of 2000 AD
-... [more]
-... [more]
When serial killers rub elbows with sorority girls at frat parties, will Zoey come to the conclusion that some people need to be killed? Written and drawn-by mouth-by disabled creator Larime Taylor.... [more]
Never miss an issue of A Voice In The Dark
-... [more]
-... [more]
Origin of Atom. Storyline: Super-Origin of Microwave Man!; The Atom: Miniature War of the Bat-Knights!... [more]
Storyline: Superman Battles Microwave Man!; Air Wave: A Close Shave For Air Wave!... [more]
Omega Men appearance. Storyline: Enter- The Omega Men!; Air Wave: The Saucerer’s Apprentice!... [more]
"Omega Men appearance. Storyline: Battle Beneath the Earth!; Aquaman: I Talk To The Seas, But They Don’t Listen To Me!"... [more]
Aquaman back-up; Masters of the Universe preview; Masters of the Universe insert. Storyline: … Half a Superman!; Masters of the Universe: Fate Is the Killer; Aquaman: Something Fishy!... [more]
"Versus Jackhammer; Superboy appearance. Storyline: The Measure of a Superman; Aquaman: Mera, Mera, On the Wave - Who’s The One You’ve Got To Save?"... [more]
"Versus Satanis and Syrene; Flash, Atom; Flash appearance; Atom appearance. Storyline: Past Imperfect!; Aquaman: Help! I’m a Prisoner In My Own Body!"... [more]
Aquaman back-up; Forgotten Heroes cameo. Storyline: World Enough and Time; Aquaman: Water-War One... [more]
Storyline: Once Again — Superman... [more]
Versus Neutron; Versus Neutron and Vandal Savage. Storyline: Within These Hands .. Power!... [more]
Versus New Brainiac. Storyline: … With But a Single Step!... [more]
Storyline: The Day The Earth Exploded... [more]
Jerry and Joey create Superman. Storyline: If Superman Didn’t Exist…... [more]
Get ready for new secret identities, new villains, and a new mystery hidden within the Fortress of Solitude! Superman's life reaches a turning point as he confronts an evil power twenty times greater than his own in a battle that threatens not only his planet, but the boy from Krypton!... [more]
Never miss an issue of Action Comics
"The reintroduction of the original Legion of Super-Heroes continues with Part 3 of “Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes!” Shocked by the reasons for the Legion's disbanding and the state of the United Planets, Superman embarks on a quest to find the one Legionnaire who may hold the key to savin... [more]
Never miss an issue of Action Comics
"The “Brainiac"" finale! It's Superman versus Brainiac with everything at stake! No longer content to simply eradicate Superman, Brainiac is now determined to destroy Earth like so many other planets he's left in his wake. But Brainiac's ship is full of many bottles, inside of which some surprise gu... [more]
Never miss an issue of Action Comics
"Lex Luthor's all-consuming quest for power leads him straight into conflict with Deathstroke, the Terminator! What happens when the DCU's most ingenious mastermind meets its most lethal killer? We don't know, but it's sure gonna be fun finding out...

This issue also features a new Superboy story ... [more]

Never miss an issue of Action Comics
This BATMAN: ZERO YEAR tie-in features the reintroduction of a major character! A cocky young Superman battles the forces of nature to save Gotham City, while a woman from his past tries to do the same thing on a smaller scale. But both are headed for a collision course...... [more]
Never miss an issue of Action Comics Vol 2
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