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"Storyline: Lust for Life, Part 1"... [more]
[s]1993-20; Reign of the Supermen. Storyline: Who Is The Hero True?... [more]
"[s]1993-32; Clark Kent returns. Storyline: And Who, Disguised as Clark Kent?"... [more]
[s]1993-36. Storyline: The Last Purge of Krypton!... [more]
"[s]1993-40; Versus Hi-Tech. Storyline: Spilled Blood, Part 2; Survival of the Fittest!"... [more]
[s]1994-8; Return of Doomsday; Re:Action: comments on #692. Storyline: Champion... [more]
[s]1995-4; Supergirl. Storyline: Saved by the Belle!... [more]
[s]1995-12; Mister Miracle appearance. Storyline: Moving Miracle!... [more]
[s]1995-20; Death of Clark Kent; Versus Conduit. Storyline: Men of Different Mettle... [more]
[s]1995-29; Vs Conduit trap. Storyline: The Jimmy Cage!... [more]
[s]1995-33; Versus Savior. Storyline: Scarlet Salvation... [more]
[s]1996-49; Hawaiian Honeymoon. Storyline: I Killed Superman... [more]
[s]1997-21; New uniform; Ray appearance. Storyline: The Sins of Change... [more]
[s]1997-33. Storyline: Without and Within... [more]
-... [more]
[s]1993-27; Versus Mongul and Cyborg Superman; Reign of the Supermen... [more]
[s]1993-35... [more]
"From the beginning, Blythe has been searching through a country that doesn’t exist and into a far more bizarre dimension in order to find the stranger she’s fallen in love with – Zayn, a man who may or may not be a terrorist. Now, their paths will cross in the oddest way possible: Trapped in Zayn’s... [more]
Never miss an issue of Air
-... [more]
Storyline: Short Story!... [more]
Storyline: The Child is Father to the Man... [more]
Storyline: Pestilence!... [more]
Storyline: Love... [more]
Storyline: Plague!... [more]
Storyline: This Mortal Coil!... [more]
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