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Abe discovers parts of the biggest answers, withheld from him for decades by the BPRD itself.... [more]
"One of the cornerstone stories of the DCU is reprinted in this special issue priced at just $1.00 featuring an important “Origins and Omens” backup tale! To celebrate the upcoming ADVENTURE COMICS #1, we’re reprinting a Silver Age classic from the title’s prior volume — ADVENTURE COMICS #247, the f... [more]
"From the beginning, Blythe has been searching through a country that doesn’t exist and into a far more bizarre dimension in order to find the stranger she’s fallen in love with – Zayn, a man who may or may not be a terrorist. Now, their paths will cross in the oddest way possible: Trapped in Zayn’s... [more]
From Anne Rice…... [more]
"The widescreen adventures of The Authority began here, in this issue that transformed StormWatch Black into a new kind of super-team, courtesy of writer Warren Ellis. Reprinted for just $1.00, this issue is featured in THE AUTHORITY: RELENTLESS TP."... [more]
No card... [more]
Kate and Panya argue over abandoning BPRD headquarters, while in New York City Johann and Liz fight a seemingly unstoppable opponent as the Ogdru Jahad spawns dozens more monsters by the hour.... [more]
Never miss an issue of BPRD Hell On Earth
Batman's 75th anniversary celebration continues with another promotionally priced special presenting one of the Dark Knight's greatest tales plus related pages from the 2014 DCE Essential Graphic Novels catalogue! In this special, Batman gets the shock of his life when he discovers that he has a son... [more]
Batman's 75th anniversary celebration continues with another promotionally priced special presenting one of the Dark Knight's greatest tales plus related pages from the 2014 DCE Essential Graphic Novels catalogue! This special kicks off the acclaimed, best-selling epic by writer Jeph Loeb and... [more]
"To celebrate the new titles coming to your comics shop in June, DC Entertainment solicits the DC COMICS JUNE 2015 SAMPLER #1, a free 16-page promotional comic! "... [more]
Three of the most acclaimed and popular writers in comics — Geoff Johns (TEEN TITANS, JSA), Greg Rucka (ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN, WONDER WOMAN) and Judd Winick (BATMAN, OUTSIDERS) — join an all-star roster of artists for DC COUNTDOWN, an 80-page Spectacular with the incredibly low cover price of $1.00... [more]
In 2005, DC set the stage for INFINITE CRISIS with the unbelievable $1.00 special COUNTDOWN TO INFINITE CRISIS. Now, DC presents an equally crucial 80-page one-shot specially priced at just $1.00, giving fans the opportunity to sample six new projects set to debut in July and August!

BRAVE NEW WOR... [more]

To be announced.... [more]
The Apocalypse: Year Two continues.... [more]
Never miss an issue of East Of West
Special Edition... [more]
"Reprinted for just $1.00, this pivotal FABLES issue — the first pencilled by series mainstay Mark Buckingham — introduced the farm, home to non-human Fables. But all is not well on the farm — and a conspiracy to free its denizens may lead to war."... [more]
From Advanced Dungeons and Dragons…... [more]
Join superstar novelist Mel Odom (Buffy, NCIS, Forgotten Realms, Left Behind) as Purple Haze is all around! The swinging sixties and psychedelic 70's streets are brimming with Unspeakable crimes. There is one woman who speaks for those who can't, and with the help of (ex-cat burglar) T.H.E. C... [more]
Never miss an issue of Foxy Lady FBI
ACTIONVERSE DEBUTS! Get a peek at the Creator Owned event of the year that everyone will be talking about from Action Lab...ACTIONVERSE! Action Lab ties its Creator Owned Superhero Properties together in a universe shattering event never before attempted by a comic publisher. Preview the Midnight Ti... [more]
Some Hollywood Horror stories are true! Based on best-selling YA author Cornelia Funke's ""Little Werewolf"", comic artist Francisco Herrera (Venom, Megamind) and Disney Animator Raúl García (Aladdin, Lion King) bring you a fun new short story and activities set in the world of the upcoming graphic... [more]
Doctor Strange embarks on the most important investigation of his career, as he sets out to solve an attempted murder - his own! And with his best friend near death, Stephen Strange turns to an unexpected corner of the Marvel Universe to recruit a new ally!"">"Welcome to Halloween Comic Fest! Midtow... [more]
Olive, a curious butcher's apprentice, decides to crash a monster's party on Halloween Eve. Disguised as a goofy vampire alpaca, she meets an equally goofy vampire horse named Vourdain, but what is Olive going to do when it's morning and time for all monsters to unmask?"">"Welcome to Halloween Comic... [more]
The Volcano Goddess threatens the Mama Woogees' tiny island! What can their creation Grimmiss do to stop this terror? Between an eye exam, a tough lesson in love, and stopping the Tiki Monoliths, there are lots of things for a little guy with a skull head to do!"">"Welcome to Halloween Comic Fest! M... [more]
"The first issue of the original Vertigo HUMAN TARGET miniseries is reprinted for $1.00, just in time for the new series from Warner Bros. TV airing on Fox! The Human Target is hired to impersonate an African-American minister with a contract on his head and learns that there's a contract out on his... [more]
... [more]
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