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Your Price $9.23 You save $4.76 (34%)
Regular Price $13.99
"Based on the Chaotic TV series airing on 4Kids TV, this ground-breaking TCG takes interactive game play to a whole new level as players battle opponents in-person, or upload each card's unique code to battle online! Luring you deeper into the world of Chaotic, TC Digital Games introduces the next c... [more]
Your Price $63.21 You save $22.79 (26%)
Regular Price $86.00
"The Power is in the Code! Adding 100 new cards and new powers such as “Infection” and “Disarm,” this latest expansion to the ground-breaking Chaotic TCG combines unique card features and variable stats with stunning artwork and an intriguing storyline surrounding Illexia, the terrifying Danian Quee... [more]
Your Price $2.43 You save $1.07 (31%)
Regular Price $3.50
"Felicia Day's fan-favorite web sitcom The Guild follows the adventures of a group of gamers of a popular massively multiplayer online role-playing game. Cryptozoic Entertainment brings fans of the series the first trading card series based on the show. The Guild Seasons 1-3 has a 63-card base set w... [more]
Your Price $23.23 You save $16.76 (42%)
Regular Price $39.99
"Peter Jackson's long-awaited film The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey comes alive on your tabletop with this all-new HeroClix setting! Bilbo Baggins, Gandalf the Grey, and the band of Dwarves led by Thorin Oakenshield set out to reclaim the lost kingdom on the Dwarves in far-off Lonely Mountain in th... [more]
Your Price $2.63 You save $0.87 (25%)
Regular Price $3.50
"Relive the adventure of the Delta Quadrant with Rittenhouse Archives' The Quotable Star Trek: Voyager Trading Cards! This 72-card base set features 144 of the most memorable Voyager quotes, plus subsets including 'Best of the Holodeck' (9 cards), Ship cards (9 cards), Starfleet's Finest (9 cards), ... [more]
Your Price $8.71 You save $6.28 (42%)
Regular Price $14.99
The planet Nibia is in peril and it is up to the crew of the Enterprise to prevent an impending Klingon invasion! Star Trek Expeditions: Expansion Set supplements the hit Star Trek Expeditions game by providing three new crew members: Scotty, Sulu and Chekov! Each new crew member brings their own un... [more]
Your Price $2.08 You save $0.67 (24%)
Regular Price $2.75
"Mocking everything from snacks to video games, the 2013 Topps Wacky Packages All-New Series 10 base set offers 55 new hand-painted parodies, with 27 card backs containing a mix of 9-card puzzles and 27 card backs featuring new Wacky Billboard and Movie poster advertisements and Wacky product coupon... [more]
Your Price $1.60 You save $0.90 (36%)
Regular Price $2.50
Bigger and better than ever, Transformers returns to the big screen in a thrilling, mind-blowing sequel. Backed by a tremendous marketing campaign, Revenge of the Fallen is primed for box-office domination. Each pack includes 3 stickers, one comic book card, one movie recap card (offering highlights... [more]
Your Price $2.80 You save $0.95 (25%)
Regular Price $3.75
"Relive the excitement of Michael Bay's blockbuster Transformers film trilogy with the Transformers Trading Cards! Reacquaint yourself with the characters from the film, including Sam Witwicky and Sentinel Prime, and relive the epic battles between the Autobots and the Decepticons. 6 cards per pack.... [more]
Your Price $1.57 You save $0.68 (30%)
Regular Price $2.25
"The hit Nick Jr. children's TV series is immortalized in this colorful, fun-filled card series, featuring a 90-card base set, plus a wealth of special 'chase' card sub-sets filled with games and activities that will entertain kids for hours! The Base Set includes: 'Character Cards' (5 cards for eac... [more]
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