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For 13 days in 1962 the world stood at the brink of atomic destruction as the United States and Soviet Union faced off over missiles which had been placed in Cuba. 13 Days is a game recreating the tension of those two weeks as players play cards which shape the political events around the world.... [more]
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In Atari's Centipede, 2 or 4 players venture into the world of the classic Atari arcade game. On one side, a Player controls the Gnome, exploring the forest and attempting to defeat the Centipede. On the other side, the Centipede Player, eager to destroy the Gnome, must wiggle their way to the other... [more]
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"The last human city is under attack by giant, fearsome Titans - and it`s up to your team to stop them! Based on the action from the world-renown Attack on Titan anime and manga series, you and your fellow players must battle relentless Titans for humanity`s very survival in this cooperative deck-bu... [more]
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... [more]
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Your Price $26.40
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"Expand your chances for survival with this expansion to Bang! The Walking Dead Survivor Show Down. Additional player board and the ability to return from the dead add new challenges and excitement.

* BANG!®: The Walking Dead™ - Survivor Show Down required to play. This is an expansion, not a stan... [more]

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Regular Price $59.99
"(W) Marco Maggi, Francesco Nepitello

Barcelona, the second half of the 19th century. The city has recently demolished the old walls that prevented its growth and it is slowly extending towards the old surrounding villages. These are prosperous times in which some bourgeois families build their fo... [more]

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Regular Price $134.99
"Bowman's Best Baseball will feature the biggest 2017 performances across all levels of MLB and autograph cards of the year's top MLB draft picks. A new on-card autograph case hit: Monochrome Autographs, will showcase the top 1st Round picks from the 2017 MLB Draft as well as top veterans and elite ... [more]
Your Price $430.39 You save $107.60 (20%)
Regular Price $537.99
"Over the last 20 years, virtually every major actor from Buffy the Vampire Slayer has signed autograph cards for the series. 2017 Rittenhouse Buffy the Vampire Slayer Ultimate Collector's Set 3 knocks another one off the list with Seth Green finally agreeing to lend his signature to trading cards! ... [more]
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Regular Price $131.99
The classic Candy Land game gets a My Little Pony makeover with the Candy Land: My Little Pony: The Movie Edition! Explore the world of Equestria with the familiar Candy Land gameplay!... [more]
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Regular Price $164.99
"It's the Grab It, Guess It, Pass It Game…with no filter! This edition of the electronic Catch Phrase game is for adults only! Gather your friends together, choose, teams, and try to get your teammates to say the displayed phrase or word by giving them clues. There are plenty of categories to choose... [more]
Your Price $48.00 You save $12.00 (20%)
Regular Price $60.00
"(W) Paul Dennen (A) Rayph Biesner

The evil Lord Eradikus has all but conquered the galaxy, and is now on a victory lap across the sector in his flagship, Eradikus Prime. He may rule with an iron grip, but his most prized artifacts are about to slip through his cyborg claws. You and your fellow th... [more]

Your Price $39.95
... [more]
Your Price $39.95
In CLUE: AMC's The Walking Dead Edition, players return to Alexandria to find the guards protecting the walls have been killed and walkers are overrunning the town. You must solve who killed the guards, where in Alexandria they were slain, and what weapon was used. Was it Negan in the Infirmary usin... [more]
Your Price $24.95
The Marvel Edition of Codenames combines the hit social word game with the Marvel Universe including Spider Man, Guardians of the Galaxy, The Avengers and Doctor Strange. Opposing teams, S.H.I.E.L.D. and Hydra, compete to be the first to identify all of their team's 'field agents' from 25 Code cards... [more]
Your Price $24.00 You save $6.00 (20%)
Regular Price $30.00
"A card game that starts cooperatively, but ends with one corrupt player, a Mythos monster, and a desperate battle to save the world. The game is meant to be played by 2-6 players, lasting less than an hour. The game includes Over-sized Ancient One Cards (11), Over-sized Story Cards (85), Over-sized... [more]
Your Price $40.00 You save $10.00 (20%)
Regular Price $50.00
Will Jen and Kira manage to find the Shard and heal the Dark Crystal? Play with up to three friends in this fun family board game based on the classic The Dark Crystal movie by Jim Henson.... [more]
Your Price $23.99 You save $6.00 (20%)
Regular Price $29.99
"(W/A) Michael Palm, Lukas Zach

The king of Nostria needs brave heroes to journey into the Forest of No Return and recover a stolen scroll. Dreadful peril lies ahead on a quest that has already claimed the lives of many good people. Are you ready to face this challenge? The first expansion for the... [more]

Your Price $23.99 You save $6.00 (20%)
Regular Price $29.99
"(W/A) Michael Palm, Lukas Zach

A demon ark sent by Witch King Morda draws ever closer to the Aventurian coast. Its hold contains a Black Diamon - a foul creature that is capable of giving birth to demons and undead - and it`s pregnant! The second expansion for the Aventuria Adventure Card Game, t... [more]

Your Price $39.99 You save $10.00 (20%)
Regular Price $49.99
"(W) Lukas Zach, Michael Palm (A) Michael Palm, Lukas Zach

Brace yourself for combat! Aventuria is a dangerous place. Behind every corner lurks danger in the form of devious monsters, exciting adventures or bad-tempered comrades challenging you to a duel! You need to make a decision: Concentrate y... [more]

Your Price $25.00
Our reality is one of many. The DC Comics Multiverse encompasses an ever-expanding realm of Elseworld tales, alternate timelines, dreamed realities, parallel worlds, and possible futures. Like the Multiverse itself, the DC Comics Deck-Building Game continues to expand and now there`s finally a place... [more]
Your Price $24.99
DC Comics Dice Masters brings collectible dice-building to the tabletop with this all-new head-to-head game featuring the War of Light! Foil Packs feature a random selection of dice, sold in a gravity-fed counter display. Also available is a Collector's Box, featuring everything one player needs to ... [more]
Your Price $24.99
"DC Dice Masters brings collectible dice-building to the tabletop with this all-new head-to-head game! With more than 30 new characters (and their dice!) to add to the game, each DC Dice Masters: World's Finest Foil Pack contains two cards and two dice that players can add to their DC Dice Masters c... [more]
Your Price $24.99
The DC Comics Heroclix: 15th Anniversary Elseworlds Starter Set includes the most iconic DC heroes.... [more]
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