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Your Price $14.99 You save $34.96 (70%)
Regular Price $49.95
The DC Universe features a dazzling array of characters who have thrilled readers for generations. The two-volume Heroes & Villains set details more than 500 of those characters for use in your DC Adventures games, all featuring character stats fully compatible with the award-winning Mutants & Maste... [more]
Your Price $12.00 You save $27.99 (70%)
Regular Price $39.99
"Peter Jackson's long-awaited film The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey comes alive on your tabletop with this all-new HeroClix setting! Bilbo Baggins, Gandalf the Grey, and the band of Dwarves led by Thorin Oakenshield set out to reclaim the lost kingdom on the Dwarves in far-off Lonely Mountain in th... [more]
Your Price $5.10 You save $11.89 (70%)
Regular Price $16.99
WizKids Games® is proud to release the latest in a brand new Action Based iPad® series called HeroClix Tab App™! The Marvel HeroClix: Amazing Spider-Man Tab App Pack features 3 figures in each Pack for an exciting HeroClix ™ interactive experience!... [more]
Your Price $1.50 You save $3.50 (70%)
Regular Price $5.00
A supplementary object, played on any Hero Clix map, especially with Chaos War figures. Package includes one (1) 3D plastic tank turret and one (1) game card.... [more]
Your Price $5.10 You save $11.89 (70%)
Regular Price $16.99
Ideal for youth (8+), yet fun for all, HeroClix TabAppTM is the latest addition to the HeroClix family, combining digital gameplay with physical super hero figures. A great introduction to the world of HeroClix, HeroClix TabAppTM is an exhilarating, fast paced action game, where YOU become the Super... [more]
Your Price $5.10 You save $11.89 (70%)
Regular Price $16.99
"Bridge the tabletop and online arenas with the all-new HeroClix TabApp system. These Marvel Wolverine and the X-Men HeroClix TabApp 3-pack figures are fully iPad-compatible. The free, single-player iPad application unlocks HeroClix figures for play in the digital background. HeroClix TabApp's touch... [more]
Your Price $12.00 You save $27.99 (70%)
Regular Price $39.99
The first major Marvel Heroes Event covers the polarizing storyline of the award-winning Civil War crossover, from the tragedy of Stamford, CT to the final confrontation between Iron Man's pro-registration forces and Captain America's anti-registration rebels. The Event Book details the major decisi... [more]
Your Price $15.00 You save $14.99 (50%)
Regular Price $29.99
Travel through time and space with the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Collector's Edition of Monopoly as you buy, sell, and trade iconic episodes spanning billions of years across the Doctor Who universe including 'The Poison Sky,' 'A Good Man Goes to War,' 'Genesis of the Daleks,' and 'The Three Docto... [more]
Your Price $7.50 You save $17.49 (70%)
Regular Price $24.99
"Huge Boosters are the larger and separate part of the Rise of the Runelords Pathfinder Set! Boasting 4 huge figures (Karzoug Statue, Lamia Harridan, Treachery Demon, and Storm Giant), these Huge Boosters are perfect for your next Pathfinder adventure. Each brick contains all 4 featured figures plus... [more]
Your Price $25.00 You save $24.99 (50%)
Regular Price $49.99
The Romulan Empire expands its influence into the game of Star Trek: Fleet Captains. This expansion set contains 12 new Romulan ships with 10 new sub-decks as well as introducing a new Mission type - Espionage - and the ability to assign Romulan Saboteurs to your opponent's ships. The Star Trek: Fle... [more]
Your Price $19.50 You save $45.49 (70%)
Regular Price $64.99
AMC's top-rated television series The Walking Dead comes home with JAKKS' The Walking Dead Deluxe Plug-N-Play TV Game. The action of the series comes to life with a realistic 'pump and shoot' shotgun controller, multiple levels of Zombie adventures, and a variety of game modes. The controller simply... [more]
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