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Mercenaries kidnap our hero and force him to fight in an illegal army side by side with other children ripped from their homes and families. Struggling just to survive from one day to the next, will Rei be able to escape, let alone lead his fellow child soldiers safely to freedom?... [more]
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... [more]
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You tasted his "Box Office Poison" then got "Tricked," so brace yourself for Alex Robinson's LOWER REGIONS! The award winning creator follows up his acclaimed graphic novels with a bold new direction: a pretty barbarian lady with an axe chopping her way through a dungeon filled with monsters! And if... [more]
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A talent scout feels that Susie has what it takes to be a huge singer. Her parents, on the other hand, hate the idea and want her to focus on her grades. But Susie can't forget about her dream of being a star and decides to take things into her own hands! Meanwhile, Chuckie wants to live life on the... [more]
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"Coup DeVille" Lil doesnít want to act like a twin anymore, she would rather do things on her own without her brother, Phil. Soon after, Dil recruits himself as Philís new twin. However, Lilís new attitude is threatening the familyís trip to the Twins Canyon theme park, where twins get in for half-o... [more]
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Former ALL THAT star and Nickelodeon comedienne extraordinaire Amanda Bynes is host of her own variety show! The AMANDA SHOW is a hilarious blend of live performances from today's hottest acts. The show's crazy cast of characters includes Mother Caboose, a gavel-happy judge out for kid-justice, and,... [more]
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"""One night while rooting through the recycling bin for magazines, I found all the confidential Ph.D. applicant files for the biology department at an Ivy League university from the years 1965-1975. Stapled to many of the yellowed documents were photographs of the prospective students. I tore throu... [more]
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... [more]
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BEASTS AND PRIESTS collects for the first time more than ten years' worth of pointillist portraiture of the world's most legendary scene-makers as rendered by Hate collaborator and Glam Warp creator Jim Blanchard. Much of the black-and-white ink work here has previously seen print in some of the wor... [more]
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"Feeling under-appreciated, Art, a teenage cartoonist, decides to stage his own bogus comic award show. His scam gets out of control when everyone at school takes the award seriously."... [more]
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In this high-drama action novel, four members of the elite Black Belt Club set off on a daring adventure to save the world from an evil force that can only be stopped if they use their martial arts skills and karate-spirit powers. Full of high-kicks, blocks, and intelligent problem-solving, here is ... [more]
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The exciting and glamorous lives of Cloe, Jade, Sasha, and Yasmin are given the full-color Jr. Cine-Manga treatment! Here are your favorite teen girls with a "passion for fashion" like you've never seen them before.... [more]
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"Remember when you realized that YOU were going to die? Carl Santini was four years old when he found death sitting next to the rubber duckie in his bathtub.

Remember when you felt invincible, untouchable, like nothing you did would ever damage YOU? Carl Santini remembers being seventeen and feeli... [more]

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Based on the hit children's title A Cat Named Haiku comes Arcana's first coloring book!... [more]
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"In this series conclusion, the disguised fugitives are welcomed to Alla Marcia, a land where toys come to life. As Prince Alto and his guard, Soprano, search for a way to rid their families of the evil curse, Soprano's brother comes in search of the fugitives - and to steal the magic stone that kee... [more]
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A striking visual parable of war.... [more]
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The Old West: Settlers and Native Americans wage a bloody battle for control of the land. But when the Earth is threatened by conquerors from the stars, these sworn enemies must work together to save all humanity. Soon to be a Major Motion Picture!... [more]
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When a tragic accident robs him of his sight but enhances his remaining senses to superhuman levels, lawyer Matt Murdock becomes Daredevil, the protector of New York's notorious Hell's Kitchen.... [more]
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Join David and his mighty men in this whimsical but reverent retelling of some of the Bibles greatest heroes. Created by Marvel, DC, and Dark Horse Comics creator, Javier Saltares. Two complete stories in one graphic novel. "Trust: Four Against Four Hundred?" by Javier Saltares, Chris Ivy, Stu Chaif... [more]
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"A teacherís body is discovered on the ground. Did she jump from the building or was she pushed? Toyama, a burly but kind-hearted detective, goes undercover to find out the truth. His determination to solve this mystery is tested by the rowdy student body. But thereís one student, in particular, who... [more]
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"It's here! The horrifying final chapter of the critically acclaimed macabre mini-series by Richard Sala, the gleefully demented creator of PECULIA and THE CHUCKLING WHATSIT. Lauded by Rue Morgue Magazine, among others, DELPHINE follows a traveler searching for his lost love and encountering a numbe... [more]
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Kayano attempts to make sense of her feelings but is always left confused. Just when she thinks she has seen the good side of Takeru, he does something completely infuriating. Then there is Yuichi, who was always so sweet ó but lately, he is showing a much darker side. Will Kayano survive this bizar... [more]
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Regular Price $9.99
"A breakout on a prison planet brings more intergalactic criminals to Earth. This is good news for the Galaxy Federation Police, who still have to decide which power suit they are going to use, and this will put the super-powered residents of Cosmos House to the test! But the gang is more concerned ... [more]
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Telling a complete story, this hilarious excerpt has us heading to Queens, New York to get a glimpse of Tony's family life, odd jobs, and soon-to-be girlfriends--well, more or less.... [more]
Your Price $4.89 You save $2.10 (30%)
Regular Price $6.99
"(W) Simon Furman (A) Jack Lawrence

Long has it been whispered around Berk that one day a huge monster will rise from the sea and the world will end. And when a spate of local seaquakes start erupting, agitating dragons, things aren't looking good. What can scare a dragon? Hiccup and the gang inve... [more]

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