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Your Price $59.79 You save $5.20 (8%)
Regular Price $64.99
""But each one of these things comes from an egg, right? So who’s laying these eggs?"?

Before the Xenomorph can become a full-grown nightmare, it has to begin life somewhere.

In honor of the Alien legacy, Sideshow takes you back to the earliest evolution of fright with our new Al... [more]

Your Price $293.59 You save $73.40 (20%)
Regular Price $366.99
"From Gecco. Devilman is a ground breaking comic series created by master manga artist Go Nagai, who marks his 50th-anniversary as an artist in 2017. This impressive figure of the mighty demon fighter Amon was sculpted with an emphasis on the slender and strong shape of the iconic character and feat... [more]
Your Price $459.99 You save $40.00 (8%)
Regular Price $499.99
"A storied character to be sure.

Angela is making her triumphant Sideshow debut as a Premium Format™ Figure, having graced the pages of various comics and born of one of the greatest literary minds alive today.

Poised for battle, and with fabric ribbons swirling around her, Angela is in the mids... [more]

Your Price $42.39 You save $10.60 (20%)
Regular Price $52.99
"From NECA. Every day can be demented play day with your very own Ashy Slashy puppet from Season 2 of Ash vs. Evil Dead! We've replicated Ash's potty-mouthed little doppelganger from the asylum episodes for your entertainment. This is a working puppet: insert your hand and you can move the mouth, pl... [more]
Your Price $331.20 You save $28.80 (8%)
Regular Price $360.00

Sideshow is proud to present America’s mightiest hero in all of his patriotic glory!

Inspired by the most iconic incarnations of the stalwart champion of justice, this all new 15" statue by Sideshow depicts Cap in his trademark red, white and blue uniform, shield r... [more]

Your Price $331.20 You save $28.80 (8%)
Regular Price $360.00
"Iron Man was always qualified to become an Avenger. It was just in his makeup. It was who he was. Tony Stark, on the other hand, it’s never been as cut and dry. Which is why this is an Iron Man Statue and not one of Mr. Stark.

Depicting the now instantly recognizable armor and standing at 15.... [more]

Your Price $386.40 You save $33.60 (8%)
Regular Price $420.00
"Sideshow is proud to add a new member to our 1:5 scale Avengers Assemble series, The God of Thunder himself– Thor!

Inspired by some of Marvel’s most popular superheroes in their most iconic guises, our Avengers Assemblestatues capture the power, majesty and sheer awesomeness of Earth’s mig... [more]

Your Price $40.00 You save $10.00 (20%)
Regular Price $50.00
"This new statuette figure from Presspop in Tokyo, Japan, depicts H.R. (Paul D. Hudson), the lead singer of the hardcore punk pioneer band, Bad Brains, and is officially approved by H.R. himself! Made with PVC and ABS, the figure features articulation in the neck and comes dressed in real fabric T-... [more]
Your Price $240.00 You save $60.00 (20%)
Regular Price $300.00
"Get the attention of the Dark Knight with this working Bat-Signal prop. Built from high-quality materials, this prop displays the Bat-Signal at 7-10 feet and is the perfect addition to any Batman or DC collection."... [more]
Your Price $199.99 You save $50.00 (20%)
Regular Price $249.99
"From the classic 1966 Batman TV series, comes this strikingly beautiful Batman 1966 TV Series Catwoman Ruby Red Maquette Diorama Statue! Sculpted by the Bat-tastic Trevor Grove, this stunning 1/6-scale maquette stands 12-inches tall and features an almost purrrrrfect likeness of Julie Newmar as eve... [more]
Your Price $855.59 You save $74.40 (8%)
Regular Price $929.99
""You're gonna pay for letting Mistah J die!"

Sideshow and Prime 1 Studio are proud to present Harley Quinn from Batman: Arkham Knight. Harley and Batman's foes united with Scarecrow to destroy Batman, and she still blamed him for the Joker's death. Grief-stricken and vengefu... [more]

Your Price $781.99 You save $68.00 (8%)
Regular Price $849.99
""You always told me, Bruce. Focus on what I want to achieve. And it’ll happen. Well you wanna know what I want now, huh? I want you. DEAD."

Sideshow and Prime 1 Studio are proud to present Red Hood from Batman: Arkham Knight. The Red Hood was the alias of a particularly infa... [more]

Your Price $887.79 You save $77.20 (8%)
Regular Price $964.99
""I am the reason the criminals breathe easier when the sun rises."

Sideshow and Prime 1 Studio are proud to present Batman from Batman: Arkham Origins. When his parents were gunned down in front of him, young Bruce Wayne resolved to rid Gotham City of the criminal element th... [more]

Your Price $371.19 You save $92.80 (20%)
Regular Price $463.99
This is the one everyone has been asking for! This full scale screen accurate cowl is finely crafted by professional make-up special effects artists and cast in silicone molds with high quality flexible urethane. Each cowl is as smooth as glass and pigmented so it will never fade. Cowl will fit up t... [more]
Your Price $47.99 You save $12.00 (20%)
Regular Price $59.99
"A Diamond Select Toys release! The fowl felon has arrived in the Batman Animated bust series! Oswald Coblepot, the Penguin, is captured in his classic animated appearance, as he appeared on Batman: The Animated Series. Measuring just under 6 inches tall, the Penguin perches on a pedestal base inspi... [more]
Your Price $482.99 You save $42.00 (8%)
Regular Price $524.99
""Son of Krypton versus Bat of Gotham!"

Celebrating the epic release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, we are proud to present the Armored Batman Premium Format™ Figure.

Sideshow has teamed up with Ironhead Studio, the special FX masters behind the actual costume fabri... [more]

Your Price $459.99 You save $40.00 (8%)
Regular Price $499.99
""I’ve killed things from other worlds before…"

The champion of Themyscira, daughter of Zeus, Amazon, warrior, and princess! A demigod with mighty weapons, fantastic powers, and unimaginable strength - she is Wonder Woman!

We are proud to announce a new depiction of Wonder Woman a... [more]

Your Price $459.99 You save $40.00 (8%)
Regular Price $499.99
""You’ve got moves…for a dork in tights."

We all know the adage, "With great power comes great responsibility." Black Cat might not agree with it, however. The exceptionally gifted cat burglar has a panache for stealing from the rich to give to the poor as she does what she... [more]

Your Price $119.19 You save $29.80 (20%)
Regular Price $148.99
"From Vertex. Standing just over 9' tall, the main heroine of the Blazblue game series strikes an action pose with her two guns! Based on her appearence in Chrono Phantasma, Noel is sculpted here in a dynamic pose and features a removable skirt for a more risque display option!"... [more]
Your Price $552.00 You save $48.00 (8%)
Regular Price $600.00
Sideshow and Iron Studios are proud to present the Captain America & Ant-Man Legacy Replica. This limited edition statue is crafted from high-quality polystone and is based on original references from the movie Captain America: Civil War!

The Captain America & Ant-Man statue is hand-painted... [more]

Your Price $82.39 You save $20.60 (20%)
Regular Price $102.99
"From FREEing. A 1/8-scale figure of Hatsune Miku V4X, the upgraded voice synthesizer that allows for more natural and expressive singing! The figure is based on the main illustration for Hatsune Miku V4X done by iXima which features Miku in a beautiful, elegant pose! Her youthful body line has a lo... [more]
Your Price $413.99 You save $36.00 (8%)
Regular Price $449.99
""No man can resist the claws of this cat."

She’s battled with just about every member of the Justice League - but the Cheetah has one primary foe and that’s Wonder Woman. How else could you hope to stand against the Amazonian without having the speed, strength, and grace of the fas... [more]

Your Price $788.79 You save $197.20 (20%)
Regular Price $985.99
The Female T-Rex Bust was designed to match in a combined display with The Lost World: Jurassic Park 1/5-scale T-Rex Bust that was previously available to order. This product is wall mounted and is roughly the same size as the male version; 16' in diameter for the base and 19' from base to nose.... [more]
Your Price $182.39 You save $45.60 (20%)
Regular Price $227.99
"From Broccoli. Kurumi Tokisaki from Date A Live II is stunning in this 1/8th scale figure by Broccoli! In the dramatic red and black dress she wears in her Spirit Form, Kurumi has been sculpted in a playful pose, kicking up her leg to make her skirt fly, and looking at you over her shoulder with a ... [more]
Your Price $413.99 You save $36.00 (8%)
Regular Price $449.99
"Shhh! It’s already too late. Prepare yourself for the earth-shattering Canary Cry!

Clothed in her form-fitting, black leather corset and fishnets, a nod to her earliest depictions, Gotham’s favorite songbird, Black Canary, joins Sideshow’s Premium Format™ Collection. This impeccable recrea... [more]

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