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Chrome is the new Black! Standing a gleaming 6" tall (not including his upraised rifle or pentagonal base), the Little Frakkin' Toasters Classic Cylon Centurion is cast in resin and beautifully chrome plated. Designed by Battlestar Galactica special-effects artist Dustin Adair, who also d... [more]
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Regular Price $139.99
From Megahouse. Binbo-gami Ga! ('God of Poverty' in English) is a series about a high school student whose body is filled with Fortune energy, and to counteract the good luck she brings a God of Misfortune comes to Earth to restore balance to the world. Ichiko Sakura is the embodiment of good fortun... [more]
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Elisa Cameron has come to discover more about herself than she once thought possible. As the tortured specter Ghost, she knew only that she endured great pain because of her supposed death and wanted others to suffer for it as well. Ghost emerged as one of Dark Horse's most popular and enduring orig... [more]
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Regular Price $125.00
Mickey Mouse is on a world adventure with this stand out signature piece from Disney Traditions. Aviator Mickey sits on top a world globe that really spins so you can plot your next adventure. Plane propeller spins as well. Made of stone resin, 'Globetrotting Adventure' stands 12" tall.... [more]
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Regular Price $139.95
Designed by Frank Frazetta
Sculpted by The Shiflett Brothers

Fully painted musical snowglobe based on the painting by Frank Frazetta. Produced by Clayburn S. Moore productions.... [more]

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Regular Price $79.99
Imported from Japan! Elizabeth is based on the Japanese OVA anime Strike Witches. A mysterious force suddenly attacks the world, and only a select number of girls have the fortitude to fight off an insatiable enemy. These lovely ladies are infused with their weapons, so they are literally lethal lad... [more]
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Regular Price $119.99
Imported from Japan! Comign back to this.... [more]
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Measures 7.5" from the base to his helmet’s top; his broad shoulders stretch 7" across

Hand-painted numbered edition in full color collector packaging. Certificate of authenticity included.

Dark Horse reveals the next piece in the ongoing series of limited-edition collectibles based on HBO’s hit... [more]

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Regular Price $70.00
What's as quintessentially American as baseball, hot dogs, and apple pie? Well, Mickey Mouse, of course! Decked out in the Stars and Stripes, this Grand Ol' Mouse is proud to salute the nation of his birth and the generations of courageous men and women who have dedicated their lives to her defense.... [more]
Your Price $16.25 You save $48.75 (75%)
Regular Price $65.00
All the world's a stage for the little puppet-turned-performer, Pinocchio. Though bound for school with the best of intentions, Pinocchio finds the allure of the stage too strong to resist, and before he knows it, he's the star attraction in Stromboli's marvelous marionette show. The bright lights a... [more]
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Regular Price $85.00
This hand-painted, cold-cast porcelain bust of Sinestro measures approximately 6.3" high x 2.6" wide x 2.5" deep and is packaged in a 4-color box. Limited Edition of 5000 pieces.... [more]
Your Price $35.00 You save $104.99 (75%)
Regular Price $139.99
From CM's Corporation. From the pages of Comic Tenma comes Satoshi Urushihara's cover girl and the second in the Gutto-Kuru Sweet series, Rumi Sumida, who stands approximately 8" tall.... [more]
Your Price $35.00 You save $104.99 (75%)
Regular Price $139.99
"The Gutto-Kuru Sweet figure line continues with the third piece in the collection, Hiromi Yuzuki! Based upon an illustration by Urushihara Satoshi, the 2-dimensional drawing is given 3-dimensional life for this new figure. Measuring approximately 4"" tall, this charming figure includes a translucen... [more]
Your Price $17.50 You save $52.50 (75%)
Regular Price $70.00
BASED ON THE ART OF IVAN REIS SCULPTED BY JIM MADDOX The BLACKEST NIGHT continues in mini-bust form! Each month in 2011, DC Direct releases a mini-bust featuring a character from the hugely popular DC Comics' epic BLACKEST NIGHT. Indigo-1 continues the HEROES OF THE DC UNIVERSE: BLACKEST NIGHT b... [more]
Your Price $16.25 You save $48.75 (75%)
Regular Price $65.00
One known as the Hobbit Smeagol, Gollum is a creature that has been twisted and corrupted by the magic of the One Ring. Kept alive for centuries by the Ring's dark magic, Gollum lives quietly on a small island in the middle of an underground lake, feeding on fish and goblin warriors that stray too f... [more]
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From Megahouse! Popular with both old fans and new audiences, The Idolmaster 2 puts gamers in control of the lives and fortunes of a number of pop idols series. One of the characters from the game is Miura Azusa. Viewed as a 'big sister' type by the other characters in the game, she wears colorful c... [more]
Your Price $37.50 You save $112.49 (75%)
Regular Price $149.99
"Imported from Japan! Ryofu Housen, one of the main characters of the popular fighting anime Ikki Tousen, is brought to life by the artists of Griffon Enterprises for an all-new PVC figure! Dressed in a maid's outfit and positioned on her hands and knees, Ryofu has the tan lines of her of bikini sho... [more]
Your Price $28.50 You save $85.49 (75%)
Regular Price $113.99
Imported from Japan! She's a naughty girl! The character Priecia comes from the Japanese erotic video game Prism Ark developed by Pajamas Soft. Priecia is thought to be the princess of Wind Land. She is also enrolled in the knight school where she met the other characters from the game, such as Hyaw... [more]
Your Price $27.50 You save $82.49 (75%)
Regular Price $109.99
Imported from Japan! Previously available only at a Japanese event, this figure is now available to a wider market! Many will battle for the right to wield the Queen's Blade and rule the land, but only one will triumph! Will the winner of the quadrennial tournament be Tomoe? A priestess from the lan... [more]
Your Price $16.25 You save $48.75 (75%)
Regular Price $65.00
Renowned folk artist Jim Shore brings his unique heartfelt style to this charming scene from the animated television classic Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. Rudolph, Santa, and a bag full of misfit toys are out to spread some Christmas cheer! Made of stone resin, the figurine stands 7" ta... [more]
Your Price $25.00 You save $74.99 (75%)
Regular Price $99.99
The continual snowfall is a graphic theme in The Spirit, as it has often been in Frank Miller’s graphic stories, and creates a visual atmosphere that oozes drama. Therefore, it was not hard to imagine a beautiful snow globe that would capture and reproduce the effect. Crafting the miniature environm... [more]
Your Price $22.50 You save $67.49 (75%)
Regular Price $89.99
Imported from Japan! Yamato proudly presents the first figure in the upcoming multimedia event Zetta Shogeki (Platonic Heart). The project showcases the bishoujo character designs of illustrator Jin Happobi (Boin) with a story centering around the Platonic Heart, a jewel that, according to an old ur... [more]
Your Price $22.50 You save $67.49 (75%)
Regular Price $89.99
Imported from Japan! The student council president of the video game To Heart2, Sasara Kusugawa, is done up in a maid's uniform for this new PVC figure that stands 5 1/4" tall!... [more]
Your Price $47.25 You save $141.75 (75%)
Regular Price $189.00
Based on Frank Frazetta's 25th Anniversary painting of Vampirella, this limited 1/8th scale hand-painted cold caste statue will be specially packaged with a numbered seal. Sculpted by Shawn Nagle who has worked on the following statues: ASH, Hellboy, Boba Fett, Chewbacca and Ben Kenobi. Measures at ... [more]
Your Price $21.25 You save $63.75 (75%)
Regular Price $85.00
Oz, the great and powerful, a masterful creation. This two-sided figurne boasts the Wizard of Oz on one side while on the backside reveals the man behind the curtain. Designed by Jim Shore and made of stone resin, this reversible Wizard of Oz figurine stands 9" tall.... [more]
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