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Imported from Japan! Mikono Suzuki, the female protagonist of the popular Aquarion Evol anime series, joins the FiguartsZERO series with her characteristic style and shape-shifting cat Shushu. This high-detail figurine sculpt includes interchangeable hair parts, Shushu, and special display stand. Fi... [more]
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Imported from Japan! The scantily-clad Zessica Wong from Aquarion Evol joins the FiguartsZERO series in stunning proportion and skimpy attire. The 6' tall figure includes a display stand and is ideal for displaying with the FiguartsZERO Mikono Suzushiro. Window box packaging.... [more]
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Imported from Japan! The second character from the popular anime Strike Witches to join the Armored Girls Project is the sword-wielding Mia Sakamoto, complete with N1K5-J Striker unit, 13mm Type99-2-2 Machine gun, and Reppumaru katana parts! The set also features extensive assortment of leg propelle... [more]
Your Price $48.99
Imported from Japan! The flying witches from the popular anime Strike Witches join the gorgeous ranks of the Armored Girls Project line-up. The first release will be Yoshika Miyafuji, replete with the Shinden Striker Unit and 13mm Type99-2-2 Machine gun! The set features effect parts for machine gun... [more]
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Fifty years ago Topps unleashed Mars Attacks on an unsuspecting card buying public. The lurid cards, which depicted an invasion of Earth by Martians in the style of the B-movies of the time, proved popular and have spawned merchandising, comic books, and a movie. The Martian invader is reimagined by... [more]
Your Price $14.00
Fully authorized figurines, teamed up with an amazing magazine put this series in a super-league of its own! The hand-painted lead figurines are sculpted by master craftsmen and based on original pieces of Marvel artwork. Measuring 3 1/2"-4" tall, each figurine is individually numbered, comes stampe... [more]
Your Price $41.99
Imported from Japan! The most popular female character from Code Geass joins the cute and animated Chibi-Arts series in adorable chibi proportion. Timed with the upcoming Code Geass movie, this 3 1/8" tall figure comes with a wealth of accessory parts to recreate a variety of scenes from the anime. ... [more]
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The ultimate collection for comics fans, the DC Superhero Collection Figurine Magazine brings together DC Comics' greatest heroes and villains! Official figurines of the characters, both good and evil, are cast in lead, individually hand-painted and numbered to form an authentic collector's edition.... [more]
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Vinyl Figures... [more]
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These 3.75" scale action figure 2-packs feature pairs of heroic characters from The Hobbit film. Each figure contains up to 10 points of articulation and replicates the facial features, clothing, weapons and accessories of the character. Select from 4 styles or collect them all. Blister card packagi... [more]
Your Price $17.99
Based on the legendary Iron Maiden 1980 debut album, this highly-detailed figure is founded on the artwork of the heavy metal classic. Straight from the cover, this 7" figure has loads of articulation and includes a knife accessory. Blister card packaging.... [more]
Your Price $24.95
Star athlete-turned-superhero Cyborg. Vic Stone, is ready to join the big leagues - and your collection! As a founding member of the Justice League, Wonder Woman has no problem keeping up with the boys. The question is, can they keep up with her? Get your hands on one before it's too late! * Allocat... [more]
Your Price $45.99
Imported from Japan! Following the release of Base, Fire, and Elek states will be the next Kamen Rider Fourze S.H.Figuarts release, Kamen Rider Fourze Magnet States! This powered-up form of Kamen Rider Fourze will be replicated in precise detail with a blue-hued, silver-colored suit and will feature... [more]
Your Price $36.99
Imported from Japan! The S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider Ryuki (Dragon Knight) releases continue with the highly-anticipated Kamen Rider Raia. The 5 1/2" figure employs die-cast in the leg areas for added weight and balance, and it features state of the art S.H.Figuarts articulation and includes the access... [more]
Your Price $45.99
Imported from Japan! The Mermaid Princess Shirahoshi from One Piece joins the Chibi-Arts series in adorable chibi proportion and with an extensive array of option parts. Appearing as a giant-sized mermaid in the anime, Shirahoshi looks all the more adorable in condensed chibi-arts style! This deluxe... [more]
Your Price $31.99
Imported from Japan! The ambitious and demonic pharoah-styled Vice-Warden of Impel Down will grace the ranks of the One Piece Figuarts ZERO line-up. Featured standing with a rotund belly and massive spear, this 6 1/2" figure also includes interchangeable face parts (two expressions) and special disp... [more]
Your Price $10.99
POP Disney... [more]
Your Price $37.99
Funko's best-selling POP! Vinyl Figures have taken some of the most popular characters of all time and recreated them as cute and stylized 3 3/4" vinyl figures. Now that style goes big with Funko's POP! Disney Series 1 9" Vinyl Figures! Fan-favorite Disney characters like Mickey Mouse, Buzz Lightyea... [more]
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