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"From Bandai Shokugan! This series features monsters from the latest game Monster Hunter 4! The monsters in this installment are 8 popular monsters, such as Garara Ajara, Zaboazagiru, Khezu, Teo Teskator, Rathian, Velocidrome, Lagomb, and Chef of Street Stall. Blind mystery box packaging."... [more]
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"It is now clear what it takes to take down a Walker ... Destroy the brain! Anything short of that could be a death sentence for any living human. As the Governor's Woodbury camp and Rick's group engage in full out warfare, one of the Governor's main weapons is sabotaged by fire and gasoline when h... [more]
Your Price $15.99
"Out of food, supplies and options, Tyreese is forced to lead a small band of survivors into the walker-infested landscape of Atlanta in search of provisions and safety. With his sister Sasha by his side, Tyreese and his group stumble into the prison where they are rescued and taken in by Rick's son... [more]
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