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Featuring six stories, and a dozen creators, Ape Entertainmentís quarterly comics anthology launches in style! Fantasy, sci-fi, comedy, super-heroes...itís all here! Also featured in this issue: how you can get in on the action and see your work published in the pages of future issues!... [more]
A Little Knowledge; The Easy Kind; The Origin of Jack Speed and Jane Swift; Possum At Large: The Origin of Flyboy; Justice City Chronicles: Tactics of War; Catharsis; A Different Pace: Mommaís Amulet... [more]
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"As tensions among world powers escalate to the inevitability of World War II, another war already rages between the forces of white and black magic. When Athena Voltaire is hired to transport an ancient artifact from Burma to the United States, she finds herself the target of Nazi forces led by her... [more]
... [more]
... [more]
Never miss an issue of Athena Voltaire Flight Of The Falcon
... [more]
Never miss an issue of Athena Voltaire Flight Of The Falcon
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In the year 1000 BCE, two young men, Saul, the newly appointed King of Israel, and David, a shepherd, living far from the world of royalty, discover their destinies will lead one to supplant the other. Battle of Destiny is the Old Testament story of two men's struggle with the knowledge of their des... [more]
... [more]
Never miss an issue of Bizarre New World
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The Black Coat returns in an all-new tale of action, adventure, espionage, and monsters! It's 1776 and war has begun. While attempting to protect George Washington and his army stationed in New York City, The Black Coat discovers that the secret society of evil known as 'The League' has resurfaced. ... [more]
"Two Pulp-tastic Heroes. Two Complete Stories. Two Centuries. Two Dollars! Find out what a Revolutionary-era Crusader and 1930's Aviatrix have in common, besides their status as two of Ape's most exciting heroes! An adventure spanning two centuries: from The Black Coat facing down a pirate attack to... [more]
Never miss an issue of Black Coat & Athena Voltaire One-Shot Black Coat Cover
"Black Coat fans rejoice! New York Cityís revolutionary super spy is back with 2 all-new stories written by Black Coat co-creator Ben Lichius and featuring art by the incredible Gabriel Hardman (War Machine, X-Men, and Spider-Man 3 films). Packed with swashbuckling action and adventure, this 48 page... [more]
Never miss an issue of Black Coat 52-Page Special
New York, 1775 ó the American colonies are on the brink of revolution. In a desperate move to regain control, the British have allied themselves with the dark forces of the occult. Assisted by his network of agents, the fledgling nation's only hope for survival is the mysterious masked spy known as ... [more]
Never miss an issue of Black Coat Call To Arms
The Black Coat is seeking revenge for the murder of one of his agents. But who is the butcher that killed her and what does he want? More importantly, why canít he be killed? Americaís first super-spy is in for the fight of his life while his second in command tracks down a traitor within the Knight... [more]
Never miss an issue of Black Coat Call To Arms
The Black Coat finally uncovers the secret behind The Butcherís depraved experiments and the evil organization thatís funding them. But when a trap set for the crazed killer backfires, these mortal enemies clash in a duel to the death that brings the first series to an unforgettable conclusion.... [more]
Never miss an issue of Black Coat Call To Arms
... [more]
Never miss an issue of Black Coat Or Give Me Death
"April, 1775. The two greatest mysteries in New York City are: ""Who is the masked super-spy known as The Black Coat?"" and ""Is he dead or alive?"" Written by Ben Lichius and featuring art by Francesco Francavilla (issue 1) and Dean Kotz (issue 2), it's time to get ready for all the swashbuckling, ... [more]
Never miss an issue of Black Coat Or Give Me Death
"The League plans to assassinate America's most popular statesman, Benjamin Franklin, along with anyone who gets in the way - especially The Black Coat!"... [more]
Never miss an issue of Black Coat Or Give Me Death
Casper The Friendly Ghost makes his return to comics at last, and he's bringing his Scare School with him! It's Halloween in Deedstown, and Casper and the Gang make plans to go trick-or-treating - after all, it's the one day of the year that they can get together in public without raising much suspi... [more]
Never miss an issue of Caspers Scare School
It's time for the annual school 'Scare Fair,' but Casper is struggling to come up with even a ghost of an idea...and with Thatch determined to sabotage Casper's every effort, will everyone's favorite friendly ghost flunk out? This issue includes a new bonus story, 'Grave Robbers', as well as a digit... [more]
Never miss an issue of Caspers Scare School
In Ape Entertainment's Halloween flip book Casper and all the kids from Scare School join in the Halloween fun for a story that is simply spooktacular! Following up that spooky adventure Strawberry Shortcake celebrates with all her berry special friends on the flip side of this Halloween comics with... [more]
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"The clueless young celebrities that rule Hollywood have a new adversary in town ó ravenous cannibal zombies! Can self-absorbed, barely sentient celebutants dig down deep enough to emerge as heroes or will the zombies win out? Rick Copp (Teen Titans) has created a twisted, hilarious mash-up of MTV's... [more]
Your Price $5.94 You save $1.05 (15%)
Regular Price $6.99
Ape Entertainment proudly presents the official prequel to Dreamworks' upcoming blockbuster family film, The Croods! Join Grug, Ugga, Eep, Thunk, Gran and a host of forgotten prehistoric creatures in one family's adventures before their adventure of a lifetime! Featuring stories by Georgia Ball (Str... [more]
Your Price $8.49 You save $1.50 (15%)
Regular Price $9.99
Based on the best-selling iOS Game Application and in print for the first time! Sometimes opportunity knocks, but in 13-year-old Evan Coulton's case opportunity ding-dong ditches him and leaves a plain and uninteresting box on his doorstep - with contents that are anything but plain and uninterestin... [more]
Alternate World War II history as you've never seen it before! A battle-hardened veteran, Sgt. Bryce, is given a cushy mission to scout a mountain valley. Only problem is, he's given a squad of useless recruits for the job. After finding a treasure map on a dead SS deserter, Bryce leads his squad to... [more]
Never miss an issue of Dark Axis Rise Of The Overmen
Realizing something else is lurking in the shadows of the nazi facility, Bryce and his men are attacked by terrifying, mutated creatures! Sgt. Bryce is K.I.A. and the men scatter, only to find themselves cornered with more and more of the hideous horde of twisted creatures surging towards their loca... [more]
Never miss an issue of Dark Axis Rise Of The Overmen
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