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"Steven Richards is telling the FBI a story. It is not a happy story, and it doesn't end well. Richards is a private investigator. Six weeks ago, he was hired to solve a murder. Today, he's the cause of widespread panic which threatens now to eat the world. He's telling the FBI that there's a place ... [more]
Judy, a Kansas farm girl from the 1930s, finds herself flung through time to 1964 where she lands in the harsh realm of Hollywood. Accidentally slaughtering a well know actress upon her arrival, she lands face first in a plot for revenge, deceit, and murder. Judy traverses the desert land of the Sou... [more]
Never miss an issue of Into The Dust
"Judy continues her journey across the deadly desert of Arizona in her 1964 Ford Mustang convertible. Outside Flagstaff, she picks up a mysterious hitchhiker whose past is shrouded in mystery. But what is this man's connection to the strange poppy field hidden in a deep valley? Meanwhile in Hollywoo... [more]
Never miss an issue of Into The Dust
"Take a trip down South and discover the absurdity that’s been brewing when you get a bunch of Southern guys and gals together for a drawing party! Then make way for ""Hogzilla"" as he flattens Tokyo…er, we mean Atlanta. Maybe you would like to grab a bite to eat at John Lotshaw’s (Plan 9’s Accident... [more]
Victor West, heir to a corporate empire, has wasted his entire life on chemicals, fashion, celebrities and women. But after a horrible, life-changing accident, Victor has found himself with more power than ever before - and no idea how to use it. Enemies, both old and new, are slipping out of the sh... [more]
Never miss an issue of Westward
With the loss of its chairman, the corporation of Westward Enterprises has been dealt a critical blow. Penelope West is missing, her fate unkown. The mansion is in complete disarray after a terrorist attack from the Civil League of AntiWorship. And the only suspect the police have in custody is a ma... [more]
Never miss an issue of Westward
Victor West, once a shallow and superficial playboy that shirked all responsibility, has rescued his niece Penelope from the clutches of a terrorist organization. But the agents of C.L.A.W. continue their attacks, relentless and without mercy, helmed by an invisible doctor that no one has ever met. ... [more]
Never miss an issue of Westward
The final secret has been revealed. Victor West, heir to a corporate empire and tethered to a mechanical body he can barely control, comes face-to-face with the man behind the Civil League of Anti-Worship - and it is who he expected. Westward climaxes with the origin tale of an evil leader who seeks... [more]
Never miss an issue of Westward
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There is a bomb poised to destroy the world. It will level the economy. It will kill entire cities. And Victor West, once the heir to a corporate empire, once an ambitionless playboy the company would never remember, is the only thing that can stop the terrorist organization of C.L.A.W. from achievi... [more]
Never miss an issue of Westward
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