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There's a knock at the door. You fear the worst. It's Little Death. But is he here for you - or your cat? Thomas Kriebaum's little man in the black suit is the ultimate travelling salesman: all deals are final. His dissatisfaction with his vocation is the source of our amusement!... [more]
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"It's the extra-large, 96-page British comics extravaganza! Featuring a Strangehaven story and full-color cover by Gary Spencer Millidge, this perfect bound title boasts stories by Bill Naylor (Garth), Frazer Irving (2000 A.D. Future Shocks), David Hailwood, Stuart Giddings, Richard Hayes, John Mayb... [more]
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"(W/A) Gary Spencer Millidge & Various (CA) Mark Stafford

The Bad, Bad Place by David Hine and Mark Stafford continues in the second issue of Meanwhile, and is featured on our fabulous cover by Mark. Strangehaven by Gary Spencer Millidge continues with an all-new sixteen-page episode, and there's ... [more]

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Amid the endless grey of day-to-day living, the bloodied signature of a serial killer splashes across the city. His victims are mostly pretty women - but not always! And a depressed used-car salesman finds himself, not without good reason, the unwelcome focus of the police investigation. Nicolas Mah... [more]
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Before he became Peter Pan, before his arrival to Neverland, there was a boy fighting for survival. Born into harsh Dickensian London suburbs, with an alcoholic mother leaving him an almost orphan, Peter's only retreat from reality were the fantastical stories given to him by a friendly neighbor, a... [more]
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Set amidst the chaos of a 1950s summer weekend on Coney Island, Undertow tells the story of Rhonda, a girl overwhelmed by events beyond her control - her mother's alcoholism, her best friend's death by drowning - and now a social worker who's intent on making it all better.... [more]
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