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Bio Boy is walking the plank of the Latifahs, a band of Hip Hop She-Demon Pirates! A Robosquider is on the attack! And N-16 has betrayed BB for the bling bling! When the fight comes from all sides can Bio Boy possibly win? Bio Boy is a fast paced, light-hearted, sci-fi adventure book about a cyborg ... [more]
Double Header Madness!; The Geo Boy Who Cried Wolf!; The Final Battle!... [more]
The Revolution made flesh, unleashes his newest creation: The State — a superpowered strike force tasked with putting down rebellions against the government, no matter how innocent they may seem. For all is not well in the Red Empire, and as the engines of industry bore deeper into her flesh, Mother... [more]
Never miss an issue of Atomika
Far beyond the civilized boulevards of Moscow lies the wilderness of Siberia, home to beasts, half-men, dark and forgotten things, and the Golog. This massive prison warehouses criminals, dissidents, freedom fighters and fools. These damned men are held tight in the icy grip of Morosko, the merciles... [more]
Never miss an issue of Atomika
Russia’s western steppes were once a paradise, home to lush farms, thriving villages, and bands of gypsies who had been traveling since the dawn of time. But that was long ago. Now the fields have been stripped to feed Moscow’s poor, the young men and women of the villages conscripted into the Red A... [more]
Never miss an issue of Atomika
All over the world there's a startling outbreak of super-powers among previously normal human beings. This bizarre wave of incredible change evokes terror in some, suspicion, and cynical calculation in others. Only one man saw it coming, and he's been waiting for it for 1400 years! Once called Beowu... [more]
Word of the mysterious disappearances of newly super-powered folk leads Beowulf to an unorthodox government detention center on an island off New York in the Hudson River. In a scene uncomfortably familiar to recent news, Beowulf discovers a facility set up to imprison, control, and interrogate thes... [more]
The future of the Earth is up for grabs, but the past still has its cold and clammy hold on the man known as Beowulf. When the legendary monster-slayer finds his greatest demonic adversary stalking the Manhattan subway system, the timeless hero knows two things; he has to battle again the creature t... [more]
The mysterious Knights of the Blood step up their campaign against the emerging super-human population, as a major fire-fight between the supers and Knight forces is caught on prime-time television — making the supers look very, very frightening. Meanwhile, Beowulf has his hands full trying to prote... [more]
"The mysterious Knights of the Blood step up their campaign against the emerging super-human population, as a major fire-fight between the supers and Knight forces is caught on prime-time television — making the supers look very, very frightening. Meanwhile, Beowulf has his hands full trying to prot... [more]
... [more]
... [more]
600 AD, Scandia. Amidst the slaughtered bodies of his loyal soldiers, Beowulf battles Grendel for the freedom of King Hrothgar’s kingdom. Sound familiar? Think again! Join critically acclaimed novelist Joshua Ortega (Frequencies) and a melange of great artists — including Atilla Adorjany, Andy Lee, ... [more]
Join Ramon, a cappuccino connoisseur whose love of women is only overshadowed by his failure with them, and his best friend Rob, a self proclaimed bacon fetishist who never lets the realm of good taste get in the way of good times. Joined by a cast of many these two fools revel in their rose tinted ... [more]
-... [more]
Two state troopers dead, the town on high alert, the war has begun. John and his friends are charged with burying the dead cops’ bodies, when they realize they must make a decision. Either they are with their parents, or against.... [more]
A baby arrives during a meteor shower. He grows up with extraordinary powers but keeps them hidden while trying to save his friends, his family and the whole world. It's happening in 17th century rural Italy... and it's all based on a true story.... [more]
Gatesville is a ghost town, where the souls of killers go to meet their last trial before they move on to their afterlife. The souls are from all over the world and from every era of history. Gatesville is their final chance to slay their dragons.... [more]
... [more]
For all the enchantments, devices and creatures to be found in the cursed Grimoire, its most potent power might be this: whoever holds it will find his or her fate bound to it. Amandine should know — it has become a tragic family affair. The Grimoire is passed on to her from the hands of a mysteriou... [more]
... [more]
What started out as a walk to a friend’s house becomes a forced flight to Vegas, as Amandine gets pulled further in by the many secrets and struggles swirling around the Grimoire — a tome which can be used to summon enchanted devices and mighty creatures. Left on his own, Chai must make the best of ... [more]
Amandine finally gets to read a bit from the Grimoire — but not for long. A summoning brings answers that only beg more questions. A family she didn’t know she had makes an unwelcome appearance, and a hunter drawn by greed and ambition manages to steal the book! Can Amandine retrieve the Grimoire b... [more]
... [more]
Amandine's plan to confront her mother is set in motion. Rounding up her allies, she uses the Grimoire to make her way back to Faucon Manor. Medea proves to be a foe mightier than anyone thought, with dire consequences for all involved. Will the Grimoire be lost to Medea? Will Amandine survive her q... [more]
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