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Woman slashing with sword... [more]
Woman in red cape holding sheathed sword... [more]
Ryan Stegman group cover featuring werewolf in the center; Shadowmancer preview... [more]
"Woman kneeling, fire behind her"... [more]
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Tamrika's parents have sent her to their alma mater, an academy miles from Vancouver. With no friends and a taciturn roommate, Tammy feels deeply out of place. Starting an art club to meet some kindred spirits, she finds new relationships that make her ask what she wants out of life. ... [more]
"Deaf child Nestor Gudfred inexplicably creates utter silence around him, which compels the people near him into each others pasts and memories. As his religious rural community looks to him as a prophet, the story follows Nestor and a diverse cast of richly imagined characters as he comes of age, f... [more]
"Nestor Gudfred's gift of silence causes dysfunctional young couple Jimmy Johns and Trish Heaps to inexplicably visit each other's difficult pasts, which include abuse and the loss of a parent in the first Gulf War. Already, people in town are coming to expect miracles from Nestor, and Pastor Clearw... [more]
"Returning home from his isolating first day back at school, deaf boy Nestor Gudfred discovers his house is actually a defunct bed and breakfast for strange transients along Route 66. In his own bedroom, Nestor comes face to face with Peter'n'Charlie, a wisecracking, upside-down cat-headed visitor, ... [more]
"Pastor Clearwater convinces Nestor's mother, Mercy Gudfred, that Nestor's scream is the very voice of God. Along with his mother, Nestor attends church for the first time in his life. The congregation is unable to focus on anything other than Nestor, who, for his part, is unable to focus on anyone ... [more]
"In the cliffhanger finale of Volume One, Nestor Gudfred is back at the river where he first lost his hearing, this time with Pastor Clearwater and the congregations of several churches. The Pastor has organized an old-fashioned revival where Nestor is to be baptized. Once submerged, he finds himsel... [more]
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"China, the late 1700's. High in the mountains, in a poverty stricken village, lives a young girl. On a bright sunny day she's called home to discover that her whole family have been slain in a vendetta attack. Could it be the local Bao Gang, known for their bullying antics, opium smuggling, and emp... [more]
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Vince Morley is a man with big problems and a brain tumour like a baby's fist; living with one foot in a monstrous alternate world he calls Cancertown. When the lost and dispossessed of London start tripping over the same cracks in reality he spends his life avoiding, Morley realizes he must confron... [more]
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A collection of dark, twisted horror stories designed to get into your head and under your skin. Nobody is safe. Nothing is off limits. No one can be trusted. And not all damaged goods can be returned! Damaged Goods is primal horror that permeates your very soul and will be sure to stay with you lon... [more]
... [more]
Never miss an issue of Dark Mists
... [more]
Never miss an issue of Dark Mists
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After crash-landing on a distant planet, which leaves everyone onboard dead, Chromatic, a member of an elite superhero team, is reassembled and resurrected by the indigenous aliens utilizing the usable body parts of his teammates and enemy. As Chromatic deals with the loss of his colleagues as well ... [more]
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