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The growth of the game industry in China since the turn of the millennium has been truly astounding. Internationally recognized and award winning Chinese designers find themselves in high demand with game giants such as Electronic Arts and Ubisoft. Often the unsung heroes of the industry, game desig... [more]
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The goal of scene design is to enhance a space, not detract from the story or game, and bring a manufactured world to life. CG Scenes: From Sketch to Finish reveals the many layers of scene design with step by-step illustrations, and the crucial initial sketches created in the process of deve... [more]
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Comic books are no longer just for kids. They continue to reach new audiences across age groups and demographics, enticing a readership with amazing graphics, color, movement and dramatic tension. Whether abstractly or directly, the visual memes and tropes of comics are readily adaptable and recogni... [more]
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Here Juxtapoz curates a book representing a new generation of painters who have excelled at photorealism and hyperrealism, but have taken the mediums and injected them with new styles, techniques, ideas and individual personality. The resulting work is beyond categorization. The selection of ... [more]
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Now and Then is the complete compendium of acclaimed artist Alex Gross's mixed media paintings layered on top of antique 19th-century cabinet card photographs from portrait studios from all over the USA. This gorgeous book reinterprets traditional studio portraiture, translating each image beautiful... [more]
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Compressed visual narratives are Tomer Hanuka's stock in trade. He's an illustrator by occupation, but his book covers, comics, and editorial renderings transcend that title. In Overkill, some of his most vividly drawn and intensely colorful work, juxtoposing intense imagery with a unique palette, a... [more]
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Perfect World II is a collection of stunning promotional art from famous game studio Perfect World, Co., Ltd, that brings the larger-than-life characters and settings of Perfect World's creations directly into its audiences' grasp. Four sections covering character posters, scene posters, plot... [more]
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This book, a Fantasy+ collaboration with Perfect World Company, is a collection of spectacular promotional posters. This volume presents the company's most-played games in the international market, including War of the Immortals, Perfect World International, Forsaken World, Torchlight, RedCliff, and... [more]
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"(W) Coser

Secrets of Cosplay pulls back the curtain this rapidly popularizing art form and allows fans an exhaustive look into the culture of costumes and fashion based on anime, video games, and more. Four overarching sections detail a broad range of topics essential to the art of 'costume play... [more]

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