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Never miss an issue of Atomika
Drawn to the southeastern reaches of the empire, Atomika hunts his most elusive prey to date, Baba Yaga, the wild witch who has haunted children’s nightmares for centuries. But what he finds is not some old crone; instead the dark lady is beautiful and powerful — traits which excite in Atomika somet... [more]
Never miss an issue of Atomika
Arohnir has come for what is his — the child Chernobyl. But how can Atomika give up the only creature he has ever truly loved? Meanwhile, the hunted has become the hunter as the forge god Khar-Kov makes an attack on Moscow itself, hoping to root out Atomika.... [more]
Never miss an issue of Atomika
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Never miss an issue of Atomika
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Never miss an issue of Atomika
"Atomika has faced down armies, nations, even gods, but now his greatest adversary stalks the land — death itself! Koschei the Deathless, the immortal bringer of doom who haunts children's nightmares has returned, laying waste to everything he touches. It falls to Atomika to stop him, and discover ... [more]
Never miss an issue of Atomika
"Take a look into the creative process behind Atomika God Is Red as the series nears its conclusion. Sketches, layouts, and preliminary artwork from Sal Abbinanti, Alex Ross, Michael Turner, Angel Medina, Buzz, Glenn Fabry, and other artists that contributed to the book illuminate the creation of th... [more]
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With the entire world broken at his feet, Atomika stands at the center of a global Red Empire, loved and worshipped by billions. But danger lurks in the shadows. Some believe Atomika has outlived his usefulness that he is a danger to the new world order and they'll stop at nothing to destroy him.

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