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The Nemesis of Crime returns in classic 1940 pulp novels by Norman A. Daniels and The Spider's Norvell Page. First, murderous foreign agents make a deadly attack on America's prewar defenses in 'The Black Bat and the Trojan Horse,' an action-packed thriller edited by future Batman editor Mort Weisin... [more]
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The pulps' greatest superhero returns in action-packed thrillers by Lester Dent and William G. Bogart. First, eerie bolts of blue lightning electrocute a series of wealthy men whose only connection is their last name, Smith! Doc Savage seeks to uncover the strange secret of 'The Boss of Terror' in a... [more]
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The pulps' legendary superman battles evil in two exciting adventures by Lester Dent writing as Kenneth Robeson. In "The Majii" (1935), a living dead man lures Doc Savage into an Aladdin's cavern of horror. Then, "The Golden Man" tests the scientific wizardry of the Man of Bronze, exposing deep secr... [more]
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"(W) Maxwell Grant & Various (A) Earl Mayan, Tom Lovell (CA) George Rozen, Graves Gladney

The Knight of Darkness enlists a canine sleuth to ferret out hidden crime in one of Walter Gibson's greatest novels and its never-before-reprinted sequel. First, The Shadow's investigation of a bizarre series... [more]

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Sanctum Books commemorates ten years of classic pulp reprints with two powerhouse thrillers by Walter B. Gibson! First, escaping from counterfeiters, a young woman and her guardian take refuge in 'The House on the Ledge,' without knowing that their only hope for salvation lurks in the shadows! Then,... [more]
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The Master of Darkness investigates collectible crime in two thrilling pulp novels. First, a supposedly insignificant French silver franc leads to murder and mayhem until The Shadow uncovers the sinister secret behind the 'Death Token.' Then, three foreign postage stamps cost the lives of three men,... [more]
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The Knight of Darkness and his cabby aide crush crime in classic pulp novels by Walter B. Gibson and Theodore Tinsley. First, when old Landis Framingham dies, his multimillion dollar estate becomes a 'Legacy of Death' to his heirs! Then, The Shadow, Margo Lane and Shrevvy investigate a young man who... [more]
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The Dark Avenger's secret origins are revealed in a landmark collection of tales from the rarest Shadow pulps. The Master of Darkness resurrects his long-buried true identity of Kent Allard in 'The Shadow Unmasks' and 'The Yellow Band' as Maxwell Grant finally reveals the untold story of The Shadow'... [more]
Your Price $12.70 You save $2.25 (15%)
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The pulp era's most bloodthirsty avenger continues his deadly war against crime in two violent pulp novels by Norvell Page. First, 'The Mad Horde' of rabid creatures is unleashed upon mill towns to undermine America's vital steel industry. Then, in 'Slaves of the Laughing Death,' the fiend of 1000 f... [more]
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