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The experience of ill-prepared soldiers, moving personal accounts, and the personalities of the key protagonists (including the brave and determined General Grant) are brought together in this engrossing account of survival.... [more]
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Stand with the raw recruits of the Confederate and Union armies as they face each other in the first major battle of the American Civil War. First Bull Run was a life-changing encounter which taught the new soldiers how to fight and survive. Meet famous general Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson, whose stub... [more]
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Shiver in the frozen forests of the Ardennes as the German army launches a desperate last assault on the Allied forces in the fight that would become the "Battle of the Bulge." Meet men like Captain Lee Berwick who, without ammunition, captured 102 German soldiers by courage and integrity alone.... [more]
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Experience the terrible battle of the Wilderness, where brave Union and Confederate soldiers fought each other in impenetrable forest, lit by burning flames. Meet the heroes who, despite facing choking smoke, showed incredible courage in a bloody clash which would become known as "the strangest and ... [more]
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"The dead have always stalked the dark corners of the earth. Since World War II, the number of zombie outbreaks has increased every year, while governments desperately try to cover up the facts.

Zombies: A Hunter's Guide contains all of the information necessary to recognize and combat this growin... [more]

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