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The Aurealis Award-winning graphic novel series continues. Ten years after the events that shook the town of Grey Oaks, the world is very different. Jessie Barrot and her brother, Alex, lives as outcasts in rural Mexico. With their only friend, an alcoholic bartender, and a stranger named Ron, they ... [more]
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From Tom Taylor (Star Wars: Invasion, The Authority) and James Brouwer, the adventures of a multicultural family of underwater explorers begins here. 'While others look up to the stars, my family knows there are an infinite number of things that shine brightly in the darkness below. The sea is deep ... [more]
"Digested is a series of short form sequential art by acclaimed cartoonist Bobby N. The ""Oxygen"" storyline begins in this debut issue, portraying the stark, cold beauty of an early morning jog followed by a series of poignant ""Shorts,"" slice-of-life vignettes that cut close-to-the-bone. Digested... [more]
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"Acclaimed cartoonist Bobby N draws readers into his ""Oxygen"" storyline, as the protagonist prepares himself in the dark hours of the morning for a peculiar task in his backyard, unfolding the secret of this strange man as we get a glimpse into his childhood."... [more]
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"Two people. A train station. An unattended Briefcase. Prejudice versus Preservation. In the war on terror, will suspicion and fear win out? Written by Tom Taylor (The Authority) and illustrated by Colin Wilson (2000AD), The Example is a bleakly humourous meditation on terrorism, paranoia, and perso... [more]
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"Flinch is a collection of engaging stories by established and emerging creators, all playing on their interpretation of ""flinch."" From facing the ""other"" within ourselves, to the tale of a prison inmate discovering what keeps him going, to a handful of stories exploring traditional (and non-tra... [more]
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Imperialist controlled Hong Kong, the British ruling classes, the ambitious dynasty influenced Chinese, all create an amazing labyrinth for His Dream of the Skyland, the first book in The Walled City trilogy. The Chinese-colonial inspired illustrations create an utterly distinct experience. His Drea... [more]
"Rome wasn't built in a day, but it may crumble in one. Titans battle in the arena. A thumb turns down. A sword comes down. A dead man...stands up? Racing through dark, narrow tunnels beneath the Colosseum, two heroes and a child join together to escape their pursuers. Pursuers who were once men. Hu... [more]
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The city is damned, has always been damned, and the wolves have become us. Torn tells the story of how a wolf struggles when he is infected with the strongest virus the world has ever known - humanity.... [more]
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Spanning five imaginary eras, VOWELS examines the human condition through eyes that aren't human at all, and serves as a gentle reminder to look at ourselves and all that we are capable of. Simple forms, detailed worlds, real characters.... [more]
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