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Your Price $229.99
"The second coming of the Sword of the Godslayer. From the latest in the BlazBlue game series BlazBlue: Chronophantasma comes a dynamically posed figure of Mu-12, Noel's awakened form as the successor to the True Azure. Her long hair, slim yet well-built body and all the details of the... [more]
Your Price $144.99
"Magmel's competent system operator with a flair of mystery! From the popular arcade game Border Break comes a 1/7th scale figure of the system operator Fiona, also known as ""Opeko!"" The figure captures both Fiona's beauty and her intelligence in a cute standing pose based on an illustration by Ka... [more]
Your Price $52.99
From Good Smile. The Dark Knight of Gotham City joins the Nendoroids! From The Dark Knight Rises comes a Nendoroid of Batman! His entirely black outfit has been made using different textures for areas such as the chest and cape, faithfully keeping all the subtle differences in shades o... [more]
Your Price $50.99
From Kaiyodo. This super-poseable 5-1/2" figure captures all of the detail and intricacy of the fan-favorite Mark 6 EVA, complete with interchangeable hands, spear, a display stand (with its own moon), and two heads one with clear eyes and one with LEDs! Note: Previously offered on PREVIE... [more]
Your Price $48.99
From Kaiyodo. This figure of the versatile EVA comes with six pairs of alternate hands, numerous weapons and a figure stand!... [more]
Your Price $48.99
From Kaiyodo. The fiancée of Kenshiro is recreated as a 6" figure with a new, moveable body that accurately reproduces the body line of the character. The 1/12-scale figure also comes with multiple expressions and hands, a helmet, and a poseable cloak! Note: Previously offered on PREVIEWS... [more]
Your Price $50.99
From Kaiyodo. The peaceful Hokuto brother stands at the ready for this figure, which measures nearly 6" tall and comes with an alternate head, alternate hands, and removable shackles!... [more]
Your Price $53.99
From Kaiyodo. The long-lost Hokuto brother known as the "Creator of the New Century" in the legendary anime stands more than 6" tall and comes with alternate hands and his signature helmet!... [more]
Your Price $56.99
From Good Smile Company. An action figure ready to infiltrate any location! From Metal Gear Solid comes a Nendoroid of the main character of the series, the infiltration specialist 'Solid Snake'! The rough look of his character has been preserved while still giving him the cuter... [more]
Your Price $59.99
"From Max Factory/Good Smile Company! One of the ""Scarlet Sisters,"" and a revered pilot of the Soviet Union. From the anime series Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse comes a figma of Cryska Barchenowa! Using the smooth yet posable joints of figma, you can act out a variety of differe... [more]
Your Price $299.99
"A goddess descending from the heavens with the ring of a bell. From the popular manga Oh My Goddess! comes a 1/10th scale figure of the main heroine, Belldandy! The figure is based on an illustration which was originally released as a pinup poster, and also features her angel, Holy Bell, sup... [more]
Your Price $64.99
From FREEing. Silent Hill's executioner, finally joining the figma series! From the highly acclaimed horror game Silent Hill 2 comes a figma of the famous Red Pyramid Thing, also known as 'Pyramid Head' - easily the most popular monster in the series! Using the smooth yet poseab... [more]
Your Price $299.99
"""I guess it's time for the main dish..."" From Starless, the popular game released by Empress (a division of WillPlus, Ltd.), comes a figure of the Marie Mamiya, the current Mamiya family head who lives with her two daughters and a number of servants in a mansion deep in the mountains. As i... [more]
Your Price $103.99 You save $26.00 (20%)
Regular Price $129.99
From Good Smile Company. Based on acclaimed fine artist James Jean's original rendition of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Good Smile Company is making four individual sculptures that combine into one large diorama! The line kicks off with figures of Leonardo and Michelangelo.... [more]
Your Price $144.99
"From the high school romantic comedy anime Waiting in the Summer comes a 1/7-scale figure of the main heroine, Ichika Takatsuki! The pose is based on an illustration by the series' original character designer, Taraku Uon. Careful attention has been taken to ensure that the same feeling of th... [more]
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