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"""One night while rooting through the recycling bin for magazines, I found all the confidential Ph.D. applicant files for the biology department at an Ivy League university from the years 1965-1975. Stapled to many of the yellowed documents were photographs of the prospective students. I tore throu... [more]
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Basking in the trenches of leftover teen angst, punk rock, and brutal honesty, Cristy Road romanticizes the underdog like it's nobody's business! Here is the first collection of five years of her artwork. Her work has appeared in the pages of JANE MAGAZINE, BITCH AND BUST, as well as doing artwork f... [more]
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"These little suckers have been published, crammed full of information about living without a permanent residence for nearly 30 years! Super helpful and informative tips for biking, tents, showering, cooking, and living! Written by many folks who have lived the lifestyle far outside of cities and be... [more]
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What do top-secret CIA assassination plots, Black Panther arrests, and Reaganomics have in commong? Food, of course! Over 500,000 declassified memos, debriefings, and transcripts were combed to uncover some of the most important and iconic people and narratives from American history. Providing a uni... [more]
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The collected graphic novel of the greatest love story ever told features twenty short stories about the domestic life of 'Henry' and 'Glenn' as well as their neighbors 'Daryl' and 'John.' Digging beneath Glenn's bricks in the front yard, Henry uncovers Glenn's mother, freshly unearthed, moves in wi... [more]
It's the moment the world has been waiting for: the return of everyone's favorite musclebound punk/metal romantic odd couple, Henry and Glenn. Over the course of three short stories, our metaldude heroes love, fight, hang out at the spa with Lars and James, squabble about property values with friend... [more]
"In the latest installment of the greatest love story ever told, Glenn's mother, freshly unearthed from beneath the bricks, moves in with him and Henry. Without giving too much away, Glenn's mommy issues come to the surface as she critiques his art, replaces his wardrobe, scrubs their dungeon, and r... [more]
In the final installment of the greatest love story ever told, about the domestic life of 'Henry' and 'Glenn' as well as their neighbors 'Daryl' and 'John,' we are treated to three new short stories. This issue includes the shocking conclusion to the story of Glenn's mother living with them, plus He... [more]
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"Indestructible reads like an autobiography, a personal treatise, and a cultural expose wrapped into one petite-yet-fierce 96-page illustrated novel. It's the coming-of-age story of now Brooklyn-based illustrator and 'zine writer, Cristy C. Road; a collage of vignettes about her life as a Cuban teen... [more]
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"The usual doggies, sheep, and elephants wearing clothes — but this graphic novel collecting issues #9-14 of the comic — focuses around Nicole Georges’ relationship with Radio. It begins, blossoms, and then falls apart, as she sails solo on the ocean… pictorially speaking. The first Invincible Summe... [more]
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Mark Twain Was Right charts the course of the 2001 Cincinnati Riots, the largest urban unrest since the Los Angeles Riots of 1992. Moore's book traces the riot's genesis from the senseless police killing of a 19-year-old black man to the man's funeral six days later. What results is a tumultuous coc... [more]
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"A group of teenage queer punks get in perpetual trouble with the police when they aren't flirting over loud music or postering their high school with flyers to allow same sex couples at prom. It's like they were your actual high school peers — pissing off the administration and taking care of each ... [more]
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Ben Snakepit returns with an all-new book of daily diary comics, continuing to draw years of his life, day-by-day in three panel comic format. Not knowing what the future will hold and no matter how mundane each appears at the time, an apparent narrative always begins to emerge in Ben's life as char... [more]
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"The comics work of Ken Dahl from 1997 to 2007 are collected in this graphic novel anthology! Includes all of his minis, short stories, anthology works, and unpublished work including such titles as ""Taking a Ride,"" ""Gordon Smalls Goes to Jail,"" ""No!"" and ""Blind Fart!"" A 2006 Ignatz winner!"... [more]
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Today, we're married to our cars. But life behind the wheel of an automobile didn't come naturally to Americans. Crooked politicians, unscrupulous businessmen, burning streetcars, and convoluted tax shenanigans are a few of the players in this gripping tale of corruption, greed, and endless miles of... [more]
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