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Your Price $129.99
From Square Enix! Batgirl answers the call of heroism in the blockbuster game Batman: Arkham Knight, and Square Enix brings the character to life with this new Play Arts Kai figure! Smart, brave, and tough - Batgirl is all three at once! That is what we have expressed in this fi... [more]
Your Price $129.99
From Square-Enix. Armed with his acrobatic abilities, Nightwing fights against formidable villains. Our designers paid meticulous attention to the fine details of his armored suit to render his nimble yet strong physique. The paintwork places heavy emphasis on the texture of each material, fr... [more]
Your Price $149.99
From Square Enix. In the film, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Bruce Wayne creates an armored suit, assembling the full might of mankind's technology, shoring up the strength of Earthlings against the might of the powers of the alien Superman. The hulking and heroic appearance of t... [more]
Your Price $149.99
From Square Enix. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice depicts the clash of two iconic heroes in the DC Comics universe. Now Superman joins the fray as a Play Arts KAI action figure! The figure also includes display stand and interchangeable hand parts.... [more]
Your Price $149.99
... [more]
Your Price $199.99
From Square Enix. Square Enix's dream team of designers, sculptors, and engineers has each poured their heart and soul into creating the original designs of the Variant Play Arts KAI figures. Through generations, there has always been a force of justice that agents of crime, chaos, and evil have con... [more]
Your Price $55.00
From Square Enix. The adorable black mage of Final Fantasy IX is now a cute cuddly plush measuring 8 1/2" wide x 6 1/8" deep x 10 1/4" tall.... [more]
Your Price $17.99 You save $2.00 (10%)
Regular Price $19.99
Imported from Japan! One of Square Enix's most popular games is Final Fantasy VII, and the game's characters are fan-favorites. Two of the game's beloved characters, Yufie and Vincent, are depicted on these 28" x 40" wall scrolls based on the latest game in the series, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Chil... [more]
Your Price $129.99
From Square-Enix! Balthier is a sky pirate who pilots the airship Strahl, traveling the skies of the world as he pleases. He hates being fettered down, and shows no affiliation to any country or ruling power. Following his own moral code, he steals only from the corrupt. Typically he i... [more]
Your Price $129.99
From Square Enix. Gabranth, born Noah fon Ronsenburg, is a character in Final Fantasy XII. A major antagonist, he is a Judge Magister, the highest rank in the Archadian Empire's military. The highlight of this figure is the armor, sculpted with care to look heavy and to represent the dignity ... [more]
Your Price $53.99 You save $6.00 (10%)
Regular Price $59.99
From Square Enix. From the Final Fantasy XIII saga, protagonist Lightning's intense personality has been captured in this gorgeously sculpted bust statuette. Sculptors have recreated a dynamic moment of action as Lightning prepares to swing her sword down. Though she is frozen, one can almost... [more]
Your Price $139.99
From Square Enix. Trained to serve as the King's Shield, Gladio cuts a formidable figure, and his impressive physique has been faithfully replicated as an action figure. Movable joints allow you to flex his muscles and pose him however you please. Every feature has been recreated in incredible detai... [more]
Your Price $129.99
From Square Enix. Adviser to Crown Prince Noctis, Ignis was groomed from childhood for the role. His calm and intelligent demeanor is captured in a stylish silhouette, while his bespectacled gaze exudes an air of sophistication. No effort has been spared in bringing out the color and detail in his a... [more]
Your Price $129.99
From Square-Enix. From the hotly anticipated Final Fantasy XV video game, protagonist Noctis joins the Play Arts KAI line! This sculpted and detailed figure includes display stand and interchangeable hand parts. Window box packaging.... [more]
Your Price $129.99
From Square Enix. Best friend to protagonist Noctis, Prompto comes to you with his handgun at the ready. This action figure perfectly replicates his in-game appearance, from the textures and colors of his clothes down to the detailed work in the patches, studs, and stitching. Flexible parts and an a... [more]
Your Price $119.99 You save $30.00 (20%)
Regular Price $149.99
"From Square Enix. Taking place on the planet Sera, Gears of War is an epic story depicting the fight for the fate of humanity. Now the protagonist, Marcus Fenix, joins the fray as a Play Arts Kai action figure! Marcus' unique, brawny physique has been accurately sculpted and his joints have a wide ... [more]
Your Price $149.99
From Square Enix. Master Chief is a legendary soldier hailed for his role in defending humanity in its darkest hours. The armor damage and weathering of his Mark VI Mjolnir powered suit brings to mind all the battles he has fought. Square Enix artists have put great care into making the beaut... [more]
Your Price $149.99
From Square Enix. Master Chief has gone missing, and Spartan Locke, an expert in tracking and eliminating dangerous high value targets, is the one looking for him. Locke's portrayal as a polar opposite of Master Chief is reflected in his sleek, modern design. The small details of this figure ... [more]
Your Price $120.00
From Square Enix. Now presenting: the miraculous collaboration between Hatsune Miku, Japan's world-famous digital diva, and Tetsuya Nomura, the character designer respected for his work on the Final Fantasy Series and Kingdom Hearts! Hatsune Miku was born as a virtual idol: a digital, visual personi... [more]
Your Price $96.00 You save $24.00 (20%)
Regular Price $120.00
"From Square Enix. His face is somber and hints at the shadows lurking in his past; Roxas's background is evident through the details of this figure, rendered in stunning dimension. His long coat, symbolic of Organization XIII, employs joint structures that allow a wide range of movement and is colo... [more]
Your Price $139.99
From Square Enix. Black Widow is a world-class spy who stands out within the Marvel Universe. Clad in her signature form-fitting black body suit for this Variant series, Square Enix paid close attention to both her feminine physique and the design of her protective armor to ensure it allowed a wide ... [more]
Your Price $120.00
From Square Enix. Iron Man's ninja-like physique is emphasized in his sleek suit, which incorporates a new pearlescent white and metallic silver color scheme. The panels and plating of his suit are inked in to elevate his refined mechanical image like never before. There are several special e... [more]
Your Price $120.00
From Square Enix. Spider-Man is an iconic Marvel character who has appeared in various media, including comics, animation, and film. In this new Venom-inspired limited color version of the Marvel Universe Variant, the fine coloration is created by using various subtle shades of the col... [more]
Your Price $150.00
From Square Enix. The Mighty Thor Odinson, heir to the King of the Gods, is descended to the human world of Midgard! In the Variant Play Arts ~KAI~ series, his godly aspect has been captured in every detail of his physique. The contours of his ornamental armor are accentuated by careful paint... [more]
Your Price $130.00
From Square Enix. A sentient alien parasite otherwise known as a 'symbiote,' Venom remains one of Spider-Man's most popular villains. Another symbiote was spawned from Venom and became Carnage, one of Spider-Man's most formidable opponents who has confronted him with some of his toughest chal... [more]
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