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As life overwhelmed her and her drawing hand withered away, Jennie made a promise to herself to stay in practice by drawing a new comic every single day. This first volume is a compilation of those comics. From dating and clubbing to trying to make it as an artist, follow along as Jennie chronicles ... [more]
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The Devil's Panties is not, in fact, Satanic porn. It's an autobiographical comic strip about a girl in flame boots who works at a comic shop while dreaming of being a successful comic artist. As Jennie starts getting traction on her dream, Nigel the Pirate enters her world and shows her the ropes, ... [more]
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The Devil's Panties is a semi-autobiographical daily webcomic that follows the life of a scrappy young woman. Jesus and the Devil are back in the third volume as they continue to argue about humanity in between puffs. Boys are auctioned off at a convention. And Jen gets a trip to the emergency room!... [more]
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Jen leads a normal life of Kilt Blowing, knitting, zombie hunting and geek auctions. She also finds bodies in parking lots and family bonding through snow man target practice. She ends a five year relationship and faces her most horrific challenge yet: dating. ... [more]
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Jen's semi-autobiographical adventures of sword fighting at sheep and wool festivals, roller derby, Octopus hats, and weddings with bears continue. Not to mention a new boy and a new shotgun!... [more]
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Devil's Panties Volume 7 contains the strips drawn in 2012. There's explosions and the policemen who love them, politics and all the depressing hilarity therein, weddings and fires, singing penises, and zombie penises. Well, maybe we were lying about singing penises, only one of them was singing, th... [more]
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