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Your Price $75.00
Based on Disney's beloved fantasy Sleeping Beauty, lovely Princess Aurora has been awakened by Prince Phillip's kiss in this delightful bust with a castle inspired base featuring the three fairies, Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather.... [more]
Your Price $75.00
In Walt Disney's Pinocchio, the Blue Fairy appears out of a clear star-studded sky to magically bestow the gift of life to a little puppet. Limited to 3,000 pieces, this 7 5/8" tall bust features Jiminy Cricket with a base inspired by the Official Conscience Badge.... [more]
Your Price $70.00
Bippity-boppity-boo! With a wave of her magic wand, Cinderella's Fairy Godmother has transformed the broken-hearted maiden into a vision of breathtaking grace and loveliness. Amazed and delighted by this unexpected turn, Cinderella realizes her dreams of ballroom splendor and romance are within reac... [more]
Your Price $75.00
The playful and mischevious chipmunks, Chip and Dale, love nothing better than aggravating Donald Duck. In this limited edition mini-bust, the duo enjoy a laugh while calling their favorite duck. Limited to 3,000 pieces, this mini-bust stands 7 1/2" tall.... [more]
Your Price $65.00
Sweet and gentle Dumbo takes flight in this charming bust featuring a colorful circus themed base. Made of stone resin, Dumbo stands 6 1/4" tall.... [more]
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Regular Price $70.00
Regal but aloof Elsa carries a terrible secret. On the very day she is crowned Queen of Arendelle, the icy beauty inadvertently reveals to her subjects that she possesses a strange and frightening power: She can project freezing blasts of sub-zero cold frigid enough to lock her entire kingdom in a n... [more]
Your Price $65.00
Brought to life by Elsa's magical powers, enthusiastic Olaf the snowman loves warm hugs and dreams of Summer! Inspired by his song and dance daydream he's shown here with hat, cane, and beach base. Made of stone resin, this Frozen mini-bust stands 6 1/4" tall.... [more]
Your Price $75.00
Trapped like a bird in an ornately gilded cage, the beautiful Princess Jasmine years for the freedom to explore the world beyond the palatial walls that define her existence. Little does she suspect that a chance encounter with a scruffy but charming street thief named Aladdin will usher her into a ... [more]
Your Price $80.00
Voluptuous Jessica Rabbit freshens up her lipstick as the sultry songstress prepares to take the stage. The base is decorated with presents from her beau, Roger Rabbit. Made of stone resin, Jessica Rabbit stands 8 1/2" tall.... [more]
Your Price $70.00
Colorful and lively Mushu is perched on Mulan's shoulder for this charming mini-bust. With a base inspired by the Great Stone Dragon, Mushu tries to awake at the family's temple to their ancestors. Limited to 3,000 pieces.... [more]
Your Price $50.05 You save $19.95 (29%)
Regular Price $70.00
From backwater swamp to the bright lights of Broadway, Kermit the Frog has worn many hats in his illustrious career - Actor. Musician. Stage Manager. Movie Star. But perhaps his most challenging role is that of the amorous Miss Piggy's put-upon paramour. An island of sanity in a maelstrom of Muppet-... [more]
Your Price $99.00
Halloweentown's legendary trio of terror - Lock, Shock, and Barrel - from Tim Burton's beloved fantasy film, The Nightmare Before Christmas, have been sculpted as delightful mini-busts for this 3-piece Grand Jester set. Lock (4 3/4" tall), Shock (4 1/4" tall), and... [more]
Your Price $85.00
Jack Skellington, dressed as Sandy Claws, with his ghostly dog Zero, delivers holiday tricks and treats to the residents of Halloweentown in this bust Based on Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas! Made of polystone, this mini-bust stands 8" tall.... [more]
Your Price $70.00
Stitch, the loveable alien from the planet Turo, embraces his new ukelele-playing Hawaiian lifestyle in this limited edition bust that features a tiki base surfboard and pineapple. Standing 5 1/2" tall, the bust is limited to 3,000 pieces.... [more]
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