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Set in the fantastical land of Athar˙, Blade of the North Wind tells the coming-of-age story of a sheltered boy must grow into a battle hardened warrior in order to save his people from a group of bloodthirsty invaders.... [more]
Herschel - Father Herschel to those who knew him years ago, just plain Herschel to those he meets now - is a man of waning faith. Somewhere ahead of Herschel, forging the Devil's Trail across the Old West, is Jericho, an eyeless man with a serpentine smile. Jericho's words can make even the smartest... [more]
Never miss an issue of Devils Trail
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Delaware City was a peaceful little port town until its citizens started getting slaughtered! At the scene of each crime, all that is left is a small pile of ash and one creepy little mushroom. The police bring in two expendable detectives, Sterling Silversmith and Emerald Johnson, who are in way ov... [more]
Ron English puts a contemporary twist on the pre-code comic aesthetic with the secret history of MC Supersized, the man who would be Ronald McDonald...if he hadn't eaten the food. Also introducing MC's obese alien sidekick Francis, who came to serve man...but got served. The comic, featuring parodie... [more]
Jody, a young warrior-in-training with the Dharuk clan, is thrust into the middle of a brewing war with the neighboring Shak-ta, an industrial clan with a tyrannical leader. Aided by a mysterious samurai armadillo, Jody must go forth on a quest to save all of Dharuk-kind.... [more]
Never miss an issue of Warriors Of The Dharuk
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Follow the adventures of Iri and Lily as they deal with a variety of threats, both large and small in the world of Lachryn. Young and na´ve, Lily has left her home village for reasons unknown and is on a quest to find her uncle. Lily is set upon by bandits until she is rescued by Iris, who decides ... [more]
The first mistake the zombie apocalypse made was knocking on the door of a VFW Hall. Follow this eccentric group of Vietnam vets as they not only try and save American citizens from becoming walking gut bags, but also try and nourish their thirst for sweet bourbon and dirty jokes. Page after page of... [more]
Never miss an issue of ZFW Zombies Of Foreign Wars
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