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What may have led to Bettie Page's strange disappearance at the height of her kinky modeling career is finally revealed in this special prequel issue, as readers learn the lurid history and curious mystery behind the infamous nude model and how she came to battle zombies, mad doctors, aliens and eve... [more]
What sinister event caused the mysterious disappearance of the legendary pin-up queen at the height of her popularity? Could it be nude models becoming ravenous vampires, craving the blood of a virgin? Everyone goes batty for Bettie when the truth about her sex life is revealed, turning a slumber pa... [more]
Just when you thought this bawdy and naughty, photo comic series was over, readers have the ability to go back in time and change fate by choosing their own adventure from inside Lake Erie's Womens Penitentiary! The disturbingly perverted Doktormentor has hired you as his new assistant, allowing you... [more]
You saw how it ended, now see how it all began as the final mystery is revealed: Who was the perverse and diabolical Doktormentor and what started his crusade of erotic operations on the naked flesh of female inmates at Lake Erie's infamous island prison? These may be actual photos taken by a news c... [more]
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