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Diabolique gets in the holiday spirit! We take you on a twisted sleigh ride to reveal Santa's dark Pagan origins, showcase horror films that have featured St. Nick as anything but a kind-hearted soul, discuss Christopher Pike's latest gift to the young adult horror crowd, profile the Viscera Film Fe... [more]
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Continuing the exploration of familial ties in our previous issue, Diabolique #20 delves into one of the most crucial staples of horror cinema: the family unit. From Norman and "Mother" Bates to the Sawyers, to the Torrances, to the Manson family and everyone in between, dysfunctional familie... [more]
Your Price $8.48 You save $1.50 (15%)
Regular Price $9.98
Diabolique's focus on the family unit in horror film brings us to another filmic subspecies, one in which families neither cause nor defeat terror, but often succumb to it. Regardless of when and where it originated, the home invasion subgenre has become a crucial staple of contemporary genre... [more]
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