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"After all great wars the generals would retire and some would just fade away. Not true for the soldiers with the dirt on their faces and blood on their hands. They became Mercenaries. When others quit, they kept fighting. Beau Smith is one of those soldiers. In his new book, No Guts, No Glory: How ... [more]
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"Blue Line's Comic Book Boards serve as the traditional paper for the comic book industry! Their Regular Comic Book Arts Boards are an 11"" x 17"" 2-ply Brite Art Index printed with a 10"" x 15"" non-photo blue border, specifically laid out with an image area for standard comic book design. These bo... [more]
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"Blue Line's Concept Sketch Pages are made from premium index board featuring non-photo blue ink so that the artist can ink his illustrations on a non-repro surface, and they offer an image area for an illustrator to draw a character scene or more. The pages allow room for written information to be ... [more]
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"These Pro Comic Book Cover Sheets are specifically designed like the art boards professional comic artists use! The pages include pre-marked areas for possible placement of the logo or company information. Measures 11"" x 17"" on two-ply Brite art index board. Features non-photo blue ink and an ima... [more]
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"These Pro Comic Book Layout Pages are the ideal way to prep your art before laying it on the finished page! Measures 8"" x 11"" on 60-lb paper. Premium bond in non-photo blue. Features markings to layout, and four thumbnails per page. Now with 35 sheets! "... [more]
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"These pages are specifically laid out with an image area for standard comic book designs. There is even an area to write the title, the artist's name, issue number, page number, and date. Measures 11"" x 17"" on two-ply art board with an image area of 10"" x 15."" Pre-printed with a non-photo blue ... [more]
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"Blue Line's Pro Full Trim Comic Artboards continues their popular Pro series of art supplies which have offered thousands of artists the opportunity to begin their careers on pre-printing paper, just like professionals use. Perfect for use with pencil and ink as well as markers and acrylics, these ... [more]
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... [more]
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"(W/A) Various

This issue takes a look at comic creator Gail Simone, from writing for DC Comics to Dynamite as well as her creator-owned project. Sketch continues to satisfy with numerous 'how-to' instructional from tried-and-true industry talent, and is packed with penciling, computer-coloring, ... [more]

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