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Chronicles the everyday life of a neurotic serial killer named Butch. From a painful case of Carpal Tunnel interrupting a dismemberment to crisis over whether to kill the census taker, no hilarious detail is left unexplored! This is the book that will make you believe that serial killers are people,... [more]
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Set in the years leading up to World War II, Dreamless is a paranormal romance about an American girl and a Japanese boy who have seen each other's lives in their sleep since birth. Written by Bobby Crosby (Last Blood, Marry Me) and beautifully painted by Sarah Ellerton (The Phoenix Requiem, Th3rd ... [more]
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er·rant adj. 1) Roving, especially in search of adventure: knights errant; 2) Straying from the proper course or standards: errant youngsters. Errant Story is an RPG-esque fantasy saga about those things, from Exploitation Now! creator Michael Poe. Collects the Keenspot webcomic.... [more]
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One of the web's fastest-growing gaming comics is collected for the first time! Meet the staff of the Sore Thumbs Video Game Shop: Cecania, the busty ultra-liberal with a heart of gold and a brain of silly putty; Fairbanks, her ultra-conservative brother whose secret desire is to play video games in... [more]
... [more]
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