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Jaguar God is back with more Aztec/Mayan-carnage by series creator Glenn Danzig and mind-boggling illustrations by the intense Simon Bisley. Snake Brother's Revenge is a cross between the old Edgar Rice Burroughs/Robert E. Howard-style illustrated novels and a comic book.... [more]
"The stunning 'Return of Verotika' continues as the 'original' erotic-horror anthology is presented by Satanika Villainess 'Morella.' First up is the Morella tale 'Demoni Venganza' by Glenn Danzig and Rafa Garres. Next us, Danzig and Simon Bisley introduce an all-new Verotik character in the forebod... [more]
"Wow! Verotik's 'Weird Voodoo' returns to creep out all you bayou zombie lovers. First up, series writer/creator Glenn Danzig teams with Rafa Garres (Jaguar God, Jonah Hex), as Voodoo Queen Kulev takes on the dangerous 'Gris-Gris Gal.' Next, Danzig and Costanza team for an all-new 'Stitchface' tale,... [more]
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