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A Gentle Giant Release! A fan of anything that can put big holes in objects, Lucky brings new meaning to the term 'heavy metal.' Gentle Giant is proud to bring you the next statue in the exciting new Honey Trap line, Lucky! This gorgeous 18" statue has been digitally sculpted by... [more]
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Gentle Giant continues the animated fun with this next adorable yellow and red tin can, Iron Man! This animated design of the Iron Avenger is based off of artwork found in the pages and covers of Marvel Comics. Blasting off to adventure, this Iron Man collectible was digitally sculpted, and then pri... [more]
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"Born on Earth to an Earthling mother and alien father, Peter Quill quickly found his way to the stars, surviving among the space pirates known as Ravagers. Peter's adventures have taken him from one end of the galaxy to the next. He has encountered thousands of alien life forms from hundreds of wor... [more]
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Anakin Skywalker was a great Jedi Knight, who fought for the Republic before the Dark Times. His decent into darkness was brought on by the evil Darth Sidious, who would go on to convert Skywalker to the Dark Side. When that happened, Darth Sidious crowned himself Emperor, and named Skywalker 'Darth... [more]
Your Price $126.99
From Gentle Giant Studios. Gentle Giant Ltd. is joining the dark side with their newest 1:6 scale, Star Wars Mini-Bust, Kylo Ren from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Kylo Ren commands the First Order's armies and desires nothing more than to finish what his grandfather, Darth Vade... [more]
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The statue is 6' 9" tall and is digitally scanned from a 3 3/4" vintage Kenner action figure. It has an extending lightsaber and vinyl cape.... [more]
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Regular Price $95.00
A Gentle Giant Release! Luke Skywalker took part in the Rebel Alliance's attack on the Death Star at Yavin IV, making the famous 'trench run' that led to the destruction of the Empire's Death Star, saving the rebel base on Yavin from certain annihilation. Gentle Giant Ltd. is proud to bring you the ... [more]
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Regular Price $120.00
A Gentle Giant Release! Star Wars Rebels takes place five years before the events of the original Star Wars and introduces us to the earliest incarnation of the Imperial Stormtrooper. These armor-clad terrors trace their roots back to the clones of Kamino, with ties further back to the Mandalorians ... [more]
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Regular Price $80.00
"Gentle Giant continues their hugely collectible line of vintage Star Wars action figure reproductions with the Star Wars: Greedo 'The Power of the Force' Jumbo Kenner Action Figure! Though prototyped and photographed by Kenner in 1985, the line was subsequently canceled. Over 30 years later, collec... [more]
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Regular Price $129.99
"From Rogue One: A Star Wars Story come the Empire's Shoretoopers. Armored soldiers who patrol the beaches of the planet Scarif, the secret location of the imperial army and its Death Star construction facility. These well-trained, specialist Troopers are at the ready to defend against the always im... [more]
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