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Sixteen million mutants dead…and that's just the first step in Cassandra Nova's genocidal plans. With an army of evolved Sentinels primed for annihilation, Nova will stop at nothing to see every mutant exterminated from the planet. Led by Professor Xavier, the X-Men have always sought an end to the ... [more]
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Enter the U-Men! When envious humans begin dissecting mutants and grafting their body parts, it's up to the X-Men to stop them! But things at home aren't much better as Cyclops and Jean Grey can't stop fighting, Jean's powers flare out of control, and Professor X's mind is trapped in the body of his... [more]
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His name is Charles Xavier - and he is a mutant. For years, Professor X was widely regarded as an authority on genetic mutation, as well as an advocate of peaceful relations between man and mutant. The general public was unaware he possessed superhuman abilities until the psionically empowered psych... [more]
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The X-Men have long been at odds with one man who has caused them so much torment throughout the years: the genetic terrorist known as Magneto, Master of Magnetism. They have battled him on countless occasions as he fought against Charles Xavier's dream of peaceful coexistence between mutants and hu... [more]
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Grant Morrison's wildly innovative X-Men saga returns! The X-Men, re-imagined with a new look and a new mission, must face weird new threats including evil twins, organ harvesters, sentient bacteria, rebellious mutant youth, power-enhancing street drugs and living weapons! Joined by wicked telepath ... [more]
"Imperial Part 5 of 5. The Shi'Ar Empire -- in ruins! Xavier's School -- decimated! The world -- at Cassandra's mercy! The deadliest threat the X-Men have ever faced is in possession of the most powerful mutant brain in existence, and she means to eradicat"... [more]
"First issue of Grant Morrison's famous remake of the X-Men. ""E is for Extinction"" #1 of 3. Humankind's time on Earth is nearly at its end. Within a half decade, they will be extinct, replaced by their genetically gifted cousins: mutants! With this discove"... [more]
"As protesters lay siege to the Xavier Institute, The Beast makes an astonishing discovery - one that will have immediate and terrible repercussions for him... and for billions of others! Meanwhile, at a time when the team most needs to stay together, Cyclops and Phoenix continue to drift apart! "... [more]
"The wild conclusion to ""Germ Free Generation!"" A new force has entered the human/mutant arena: the Black Kross Elite -- fanatics who have changed themselves into wondrous forms, using the genetic material of their victims! And now they want the new Angel's wings! "... [more]
"Imperial"" Part 4 of 5. Even as Gladiator and the rest of the Imperial Guard embark upon their Royal directive to eradicate all mutants, Phoenix and the X-Men are struck by a mysterious illness. Cassandra Nova has already brought the star-spanning Shi'ar "... [more]
"""Assault of Weapon Plus"" Part 1 of 4. Wolverine, Cyclops and Fantomex travel from one side of the globe to the other and beyond in search of answers to Wolverine's mysterious past! What will they find? And who or what is ""The World""? "... [more]
"""Assault on Weapon Plus"" Part 3 of 4. Wolverine, Cyclops and Fantomex continue their mission in search of clues to Wolverine's mysterious past! "... [more]
"""Assault on Weapon Plus Part 4 of 4. Wolverine, Cyclops & Fantomex 's adventure comes to a close as Logan learns more about his mysterious past... But once this threat ends, is there something even worse waiting around the corner? "... [more]
"""Planet X"" Part 2 of 5. The young mutant known as Dust runs rampant at the Xavier Institute as Xorn and his remedial class assist Professor X in his efforts to calm her. Plus, the aftermath of Wolverine and Cyclops' adventure to Weapon Plus! "... [more]
"""Here Comes Tomorrow"" Part 1 In the X-Men's future, society has crumbled, the human race is all but decimated, and mutants have evolved far beyond their imagined potential. But throughout the years, the dream of one man long dead still remains true - that of Professor Charles Xavier ... that of t... [more]
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