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Jerry Robinson (W), Walt Kelly (A), Winsor McCay (A), Milt Caniff (A), Hal Foster (A), and others From Jerry Robinson, legendary creator of the Joker, seventy-year veteran of the comics industry, and prominent figure in monthly books, daily strips, and comics journalism, comes a comprehensive histo... [more]
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At a Poconos summer camp in 1939, a skinny teenager sporting a cartoon-covered jacket caught the eye of a comics professional who offered him a job on the spot.

Jerry Robinson was the kid, Batman's co-creator was the proÖand history was in their handshake,

Robinson is one of those living legends... [more]

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Astra is a beautiful, blonde interstellar princess. Her Amazonian race has evolved to a point where they only bear females. Now their supply of "seed" is running out, and Astra must find a male savior...before her sisters all die out!... [more]
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"In the 1950s, when the world was faced with strange or anomalous threats, there was one man who was called on to set the situation rightóJet Scott of the Office of Scientifact! Whether it was tracking down deadly Banthrax germs, uncovering the source of strange ocean creatures, or discovering the c... [more]
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"When the world is faced with strange anomalous threats, there is one man who can be called on to set things rightóJet Scott! Along with his colleagues at the Office of Scientifact, Jet uses the power of science to solve mysteries and save the day again and again! Created by the creator of the Joker... [more]
The mastermind behind SPIDER is revealed, shaking T.H.U.N.D.E.R. to its core. A now-powerless Dynamo is helpless in the face of Dr. Sparta's robotic monstrosities. Kat Kane uncovers the ultimate truth of the Judgment Towers, but the price may be not only her life, but life on Earth itself!

For sub... [more]

Never miss an issue of THUNDER Agents Vol 5
-... [more]
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